Investing in Africa – Key factors for Investors to consider

Investing in Africa – Key factors for Investors to consider, Your essential guide to investing in Africa.

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Africa in the past decade has risen in profile as a seriously viable investment destination, the leading one by some estimates.

Population: 1.1 billion

50 plus countries

Demographics: Over 55% under 35 years old

High demand for products and services such as: technology, financial services, healthcare, agriculture, environmentally sustainable businesses, energy, commodities and so many others.

The Start up Ecosystem. Founders, Funding, Investments and Regulations et al are all in the growth phase.

The opportunities to make money as investors, founders and other stakeholders is astounding as billions of dollars are pouring in.

These opportunities should however be looked at alongside relevant considerations.

Those considerations, opportunities and ecosystems are what this course strives to highlight.

This course will highlight aspects of investments that don’t seem to be under consideration when looking at all the high profile news, information relating to playing a part in this emerging market.

It is a promising market, with huge rewards in tow.

The rewards are being curated by a huge litany of Founders, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses growing into organisations serving thousands, tens of thousands and even millions.

Africa has over 1 billion citizens.

Most lack some basic infrastructure or access to those, where they exist. These businesses help bridge that gap in some cases or are making efforts to match the needs with the supply. Much needed services in certain sectors include:

– Healthcare

– Financial Services

– Environmentally sustainable systems

– Education

– Agriculture

– Real Estate

– Retail

– Logistic

– Female led businesses and much more

These are just a snippet of great opportunities on the continent.

Again, this course is to provide:

– Exposure for some of these opportunities to Angel Investors, Corporation looking to explore a growing emerging market, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Muti national agencies, Grant awarding agencies etc

– Highlight as many areas as possible that need consideration

– Stress some elements that have been mainstay for decades and sometimes they are missed

– Highlight the overall prospect for the future

– Potential sectors where pressing opportunities exist

– A balanced perspective

Africa will have a run of decades of development.

I look forward to being a part of that and guiding you to working on the wonderful, complex but emerging world very successfully.

Welcome to Your comprehensive highlights guide.


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