Development Tools
Introduction to Azure HDInsight
Introduction to Azure HDInsight, A simple and easy introduction of Azure HDInsight. This course provides a brief introduction to help get started with Azure HDInsight with hands-on practice.It ...
ROS Basics: Program Robots!
ROS Basics: Program Robots!, Learn the fundamentals behind the open source robotics framework - ROS. ROSĀ is a robotic middleware which offers a collection of packages for commonly used ...
R and Python coding with Prython
R and Python coding with Prython, Learn how to use the newest R/Python IDE (integrated development environment) for data science, analytics and ML. In this course we will learn how to use Prython, ...
Haptic Design for XR in Unity3d
Haptic Design for XR in Unity3d, Follow the first Haptic design course for XR from Interhaptics, presented by Dr. Eric Vezzoli and Titouan Rabu. Learn and understand the basics of haptic design ...
Getting Started with Apache Flink
Getting Started with Apache Flink, A Basic Guide to Apache Flink for Beginners. Apache Flink is an open source platform for distributed stream and batch data processing. It can run on Windows, Mac ...

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