Free Course: Common English Phrasal Verbs

Free Course: Common English Phrasal Verbs, 15 of the most common phrasal verbs you NEED to feel more confident and comfortable in everyday English conversation.

Course Description

This course is designed to get you to use 15 of the most common English phrasal verbs comfortably and confidently in everyday conversation.

Join this course if you want to:

  • know 15 of the most common English phrasal verbs,
  • use phrasal verbs in your English conversations,
  • do practice quizzes so you can master your phrasal verb knowledge,
  • listen to in-depth descriptions of the phrasal verbs,
  • feel more confident using phrasal verbs in everyday conversation

This course is designed and presented by me, Gabriel Clark, a native English speaker from Brighton, England with a MA in English teaching from the University of Portsmouth and co-founder of Clark and Miller, a popular blog, podcast and YouTube channel for busy English learners.

Start speaking more confidently and creatively with this free phrasal verbs course.

Why phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are crazy. You know what “give means,” and you know what “up” means.

But why does “give up” have a completely different meaning?

Welcome to the mad world of phrasal verbs.

In my 18 years’ experience teaching English, I’ve found that one of the biggest problems my students have is phrasal verbs.

They’re sometimes impossible to guess the meaning of and people use them all the time, so we need to know them.

And that simply means learning as many as we can.

But remember: it’s best to learn the most common phrasal verbs first. These are the phrasal verbs you’re probably going to hear in everyday conversation and the ones that will help you speak more clearly and fluently.

So, for this course, I help you understand how to use 15 of the most common English phrasal verbs.

Good luck!

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