Ultimate New PRINCE2 Foundation Practice Exams 2022

Ultimate New PRINCE2 Foundation Practice Exams 2022, Get 100% ready to pass successfully Prince2 Foundation Exam !

This course will greatly help you and boost your chances of getting Certified.

After taking this course you will have a clear idea of your readiness for the real PRINCE2 Foundation Exam and you will be able to identify and focus on your weakness and you will be fully prepared for what it is like to take the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Exam.

This course is designed around the official Exam Guide from PRINCE2 (The PRINCE2 6th Edition), so you can pass the actual PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Exam with confidence!

This course includes:

Total of 360 High Quality Questions Close to the Real PRINCE2 Foundation Exam:

Fully compatible with the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 2021 & 2022 (rather than just being random questions about PRINCE2).

Unique with “NO Repetition”.

Cover All the subject areas / Syllabus of the exam as defined in the PRINCE2 6th Edition Guide:

  • Learning outcome 1: Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2 – 5 Questions
  • Learning outcome 2: Understand how the PRINCE2 principles underpin the PRINCE2 method – 8 Questions
  • Learning outcome 3: Understand the PRINCE2 themes and how they are applied throughout the project – 31 Questions
  • Learning outcome 4: Understand the PRINCE2 processes and how they are carried out throughout the project – 16 Questions

+ Detailed and Rich Explanation for each question based on the official Exam Guide from PRINCE2 (The PRINCE2 6th Edition).

Course structure:

This PRINCE2 Foundation Exam course is designed to mimic the experience of a real exam.

So you will have 6 sets of questions (Timed):

•Full-Length PRINCE2 Foundation Test#1 (60 Questions – 60 min)

•Full-Length PRINCE2 Foundation Test#2 (60 Questions – 60 min)

•Full-Length PRINCE2 Foundation Test#3 (60 Questions – 60 min)

•Full-Length PRINCE2 Foundation Test#4 (60 Questions – 60 min)

•Full-Length PRINCE2 Foundation Test#5 (60 Questions – 60 min)

•Full-Length PRINCE2 Foundation Test#6 (60 Questions – 60 min)

The best way to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam is “To Practice”.

So, we highly recommend to do all Practice Tests of this course several times until achieve score above 90% in each.

After Enrolling, if you need further clarification or have any questions, we’re here to help !

Send us a private message and we will respond to your requests.

we’ll be happy to provide you with the necessary support and assistance.

Finally, Good luck !!!

PRINCE2 is registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

These practice exams are neither endorsed by, nor affiliated, nor in partnership with AXELOS Limited.

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