Wireless and Mobile Communication- Intermediate Level

Wireless and Mobile Communication- Intermediate Level, GSM networks,LTE, MACA, UMTS,5G, 6G.

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The term “Wireless and mobile communications” describes a type of communication in which the sender and the recipient do not need to be physically connected to one another and may move during the conversation. The world market for Wireless and Mobile Communication with a projected value of USD 178.56 billion in 2021, the global wireless communication market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% from 2022 to 2028.

Wireless telecommunication services are the wireless sending and receiving of electromagnetic signals. A wireless network’s function is to facilitate data transfer and communication between devices without requiring physical, wired connections. Using radio waves or infrared signals, users can interact with other devices or users over a network, share files, and access the internet.

This course will provide knowledge about GSM Networks, Layers in GSM, Localization in GSM, handover in GSM,LTE, and UMT networks such as Frames in GSM, Planes and Layers in GSM, Protocols in GSM, Localization and Calling in GSM, Handoff in GSM networks. This course additionally provides how the cellular communication is happening in 5G, 6G networks.

This course provides knowledge about 4G networks such as LTE and UMTS networks. This course also provides the issues in Multiple Access With Collision Avoidance(MACA) techniques and also provides the solutions for this MACA with control packets.

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