DP-203: Azure Data Engineer Associate – Beginner to Advanced

DP-203: Azure Data Engineer Associate – Beginner to Advanced, Get certified FAST!! Complete DP-203 syllabus with hands-on labs in just 13 hours. Optional Beginners section.

Course Description

Maximize learning without sacrificing more time with this streamlined 13-hour course, designed to comprehensively cover essential concepts and hands-on labs, ensuring you gain practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge. Every minute is optimized to deliver value and actionable insights, empowering you to master the material efficiently.

Includes BONUS introductory section covering SQL Basics for beginners.

Dive into the world of Azure Data Engineering with a focused and comprehensive course designed to prepare you for the Azure Data Engineer Associate exam: DP-203.

  • This course provides a comprehensive exploration of Azure Synapse Analytics and its integrated ecosystem, encompassing Dedicated SQL Pools, Serverless SQL Pools, and Spark Pools.
  • You will understand how to harness the power of massive parallel processing in Dedicated SQL Pool by mastering Distributions and Indexing. The course also emphasizes performance optimization in Synapse’s Dedicated SQL Pools, highlighting techniques like Partitioning, the use of Dynamic Management Views, Materialized Views, and effective Workload Management strategies. Additionally, you’ll acquire skills in enhancing security for Dedicated SQL Pools through measures such as Conditional Access, Dynamic Data Masking, Column-level Security, Row-level Security and Encryption.
  • You will Learn how to utilize Serverless SQL Pools for efficient on-demand data queries and transformations and also about the authentication strategies for Serverless SQL Pools.
  • The curriculum thoroughly covers Spark Pools, introducing concepts like Delta Lake and Data Lakehouse.
  • We’ll cover the Data Lake for scalable storage solutions, focusing on key features like Access Control Lists (ACLs) for securing data, Lifecycle Policies for managing data retention, different Access Tiers available in Azure Data Lake Storage to store data cost-effectively based on access frequency and retrieval needs, and Storage Redundancy for data durability. This will give you a solid foundation in managing vast amounts of data securely and efficiently in Azure.
  • You’ll dive into the basics of Azure Data Factory, laying a foundation for understanding how to orchestrate data movement and transformation workflows effectively and you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating, managing, and deploying data pipelines that enable efficient data flow between different data platforms and services within the Azure ecosystem.
  • Azure Databricks sessions will introduce you to collaborative Apache Spark-based Data Engineering along with explanations on different cluster configurations.
  • Finally, the course delves into Azure Stream Analytics for real-time data processing. You will learn to ingest, process, and analyse data streams in real-time with a better understanding of time handling strategies within Stream Analytics like Out of order events, Late arriving events, Early arriving events and Watermarks.

    This course not only prepares you for the Azure Data Engineer Associate exam, DP 203 but also equips you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a data engineer in the Azure cloud ecosystem. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations, you’ll emerge ready to tackle real-world data challenges and leverage Azure’s powerful data engineering tools to their fullest potential.

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