Walking Art Therapy

Walking Art Therapy, Art therapy groupwork – the 7-in-1 course.

Course Description

This course recognises the benefits of combining:

  • Art Therapy prompts/exercises
  • Exercise (walking)
  • Nature
  • Social interaction

First the course establishes the benefits of exercise out of doors. Then this is incorporated into establishing a ‘Walking Art Therapy Group’ i.e. how to set one up. The group activities i.e. prompts, are given together with suggestions about the application.

This course also includes SIX separate stand-alone art therapy courses. These can easily be incorporated into the Walking Art Therapy Groupwork and so at the end of the course students will know:

  • HOW to set up a Walking Art Therapy group
  • WHY set up such a group
  • WHAT activities to do as part of the group
  • The various benefits to all from being part of the group

There is a heavy emphasis on practical application on this course. Numerous Art Therapy exercises are given and it is hoped that students will DO these exercises and report back to the Q/A.

Reference is also made to studies and the use of a variety of media. Again, ideally, students on the course will visit the links and then report back.

When you finish, you’ll feel you have been part of a Walking Art Therapy Group – and you’ll have plenty of material that will enable you to set up and run such groups!

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