MongoDB,Redis,InfluxDB – Master the 3 TOP 1 Ranked Databases

MongoDB,Redis,InfluxDB – Master the 3 TOP 1 Ranked Databases, MongoDB,Redis,InfluxDB -Modern & Latest -Step by Step from Basic to Advanced with Usecases,Architectures,Interview prep.

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MongoDB,Redis,InfluxDB are proven and being used by enterprises in their critical Applications and Architectures for the past 8+ years.

These databases have huge demand for both their Onpremise and Cloud Editions. They are Multi-Model Databases and can suit to different TOP usecases and System Designs . Please check about their Multimodel features

Recent Years MongoDB has added many features like Change Streams, Triggers,Views,TimeSeries Support

In case of Redis they have popular modules prebuilt in their redis stack like Redis Search,Redis Bloom,Redis JSON and Redis TimeSeries

InfluxDB the top Timeseries database has a new Storage engine 10x based on Apache Arrow ,for high Cardinality and SQL Support. Please check the trend for Timeseries Databases. Its peaking up.

Redis and MongoDB also have GraphSupport which makes them suitable for applications like Fraud Detection, Identity Management,Personalization etc

Redis is evolving fastly as a Primary Database and it has a Cool Streams Datatypes,that most developer,Architects will love

FEATURES are getting added to products in a faster manner, primarily due to factors like automated tests,CI/CD pipeline enhancements and due to the advent of tools like Copilot. For eg) Redis and MongoDB have added support for Vector Search

This course is carefully crafted with Basics to Advanced topics using feature rich tools like Redis insight, Studio3t, MongoDB Compass to make the learning easier with clarity. The couse has Customer Stories,Usecases analyzed,Architectures explained,Question Answers sessions and Practical Interview Questions ( Will be Challenging)

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