Foundation Framework Tutorial

Foundation Framework Tutorial, The goal of this training is to help you to design websites and web applications by using the foundation framework.

Foundation Framework may be defined as the framework that is used to design the responsive frontend. This framework is similar to bootstrap. It consists of several inbuilt classes that have predefined attributes. The developer can just call the class in the particular HTML tag to bring its functionality in that section. It has been developed mainly for the module application but works perfectly to develop the responsive user interface for any device. It has to be used together with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design the complete front-end of the web application. It the second most used framework that is used to design a responsive website.

Foundation framework can also be defined as the technology that is behind the enhancement of internet users who prefer to access web applications using a mobile phone. It makes the website very compatible with the device of any screen size by letting the web page adjust their size accordingly. The interesting thing about this framework is, you can add your class or can customize the pre-existing classes to make the web page look according to the requirement. It is tough to find any application that is not responsive and from this, you can estimate the power of this technology.

This Foundation Framework Tutorial will make you a professional who is amply capable to design an enterprise-level responsive web application. There are their modules in this Foundation Framework Tutorial where each module has its importance. In the first unit, it gives us the introduction of the foundation framework making it very easy for beginners to start their learning journey for this course. It is mainly focused to introduce you with the jargon or the special words that are used while working with this framework. After the completion of the first unit, you will be aware of what exactly it is and how it can be leveraged to create a fully responsive website.

In the second module, you will learn everything about this technology that an intermediate should know. Right after the first module, you will be enough able to work with the inbuilt classes while in the second module you will see how to make things customized. You will go through several examples in this unit, which will consist of the topics that you would have covered in the first unit, to give you exposure to how one works with this technology. We will see how the inbuilt CSS can be integrated with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a responsive web page that can accommodate its size according to the size of the device’s screen.

The final module will be the third one which is there to give you an understanding of the advanced level of foundation framework. The examples of this unit will be way too complex as compared to that of the first two modules. You will be learning how to add the functionality of several classes in a single tag to make the design more efficient. You will go through several real examples that will be adequate to transform you into a front-end developer who knows how to bring this framework in real use.

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