Prographic- Photoshop- Architectural Graphic Rendering

Prographic- Photoshop- Architectural Graphic Rendering, Interior Painting Graphics, Watercolor Sketch Graphics and Façade Presentation, Minimal Graphics Presentation.

Course Description

Prographic Education System: Planet 1 (Graphic Rendering in Photoshop):

  • Unparalleled curriculum specifically tailored for graphic education
  • Practical training for academic applications and professional employability
  • presentation techniques combining art, architecture, painting, and philosophy

Welcome to Graphic Galaxy, a captivating educational system that takes you on a journey to explore, learn, and indulge in the planets of this unique collection. Each planet offers different approaches to graphic rendering in diverse environments such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and more.

In Planet 1, our primary objective is to introduce you to the latest and most innovative presentation methods in architectural and interior design. Starting from theoretical foundations and zero-to-hero design in Photoshop.

come familiar with the environment, settings, and working with Photoshop. In the initial sessions, you will learn logical thinking, theoretical foundations, and principles of colors, lights, shadows, and other settings and tools. Subsequently, in the following sessions, you will engage in specialized and comprehensive render creation using different graphic techniques and combinations in Photoshop.

This course package is suitable for professionals and students in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, and historic building conservation. The course are designed and prepared with the aim of empowering students to enter architectural firms and professional work environments.

Upon completing this course, you will be equipped to become a professional architectural presenter, collaborate on project-based assignments with renowned firms worldwide, secure excellent job opportunities globally.


  • Unlimited Graphic Presentation Method in Photoshop
  • Interior Painting Presentation Graphic Method
  • Introduction to Various Painting Styles
  • Watercolor Sketch Graphic Presentation Method in Photoshop
  • Sketch Graphic Presentation Method in Photoshop
  • Façade Presentation Minimal Graphic Method in Photoshop

Enroll right now and start your progress in this field. Moreover, I’ll be with you throughout this course, and you can ask me any question you have.

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