Kind UX Writing: “Dark” vs. Compassionate UX Writing

Kind UX Writing: “Dark” vs. Compassionate UX Writing, Writing UX copy with good intentions.

UX Writing has become increasingly important for creating accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable user experiences in digital products of all kinds.

However: UX Writing can be an excellent tool for crafting user experiences, but it can also be a powerful weapon.

The latter is the case when we use UX Writing to trick users into something we want them to do, for example, buy our product or subscribe to our newsletter. Tricking users into doing what we want them to do is called deceptive UX Writing, also known as “Dark” UX Writing.

On the other side of the same coin, there is compassionate UX Writing – the act of producing copy that acknowledges the feelings of our users while effectively solving their problems.

This course discusses both concepts – “Dark” UX Writing and compassionate UX Writing – and we learn why and how to avoid the first and ensure the second, and as always, we will do so by working with both theory and a lot of practical examples.

Who should join

This course is a great choice for all UX Writers and for people who work with UX Writing, including UX and UI designers, developers, product owners, and project managers. It could be helpful to know what UX Writing is and what it is used for, so if you are a complete beginner, you may think about first checking out my introductory course here on Udemy.

What you will learn

In the first part of this class, you will learn

  • what “Dark” UX Writing is
  • about the different types of “Dark” UX Writing
  • how “Dark” UX Writing differs from “Dark” design patterns
  • how we can avoid creating these patterns
  • strategies that we can use instead of using “Dark” UX copy

In the second part of this class, you will learn

  • what empathy is
  • about the different types of empathy
  • what empathetic UX Writing is
  • what compassionate UX Writing is
  • How to ensure compassionate UX Writing

Sounds good? Then join this class and learn how to avoid “Dark” UX Writing patterns and ensure compassionate UX Writing!

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