Strategic Management: The Essential Skills for Professionals

Course Requirements

  • A curious mind and a passion for business
  • No prior knowledge of strategic management is necessary
  • A willingness to participate in discussions and case studies

Course Description

Are you ready to enhance your knowledge of how businesses succeed in today’s competitive market? Strategic Management is not just for top executives – it is a crucial skill set for anyone who wants to make a real impact in the business world. This course is your comprehensive guide to the art and science of crafting, implementing, and adapting winning strategies.

In this course, we will explain the entire strategic management cycle, from analyzing the external environment and understanding your company’s internal strengths to formulating bold plans, putting them into action, and making sure they stay on track. But this is not just theory. We will explore real-world case studies, dissecting the strategies of successful companies and learning from their triumphs and mistakes.

What Will You Learn?

  • Master the Fundamentals: Gain a solid grasp of the core concepts and frameworks that drive strategic management.
  • Think Like a Strategist: Develop the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to assess complex business situations.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Learn how to evaluate different strategic options and choose the path that aligns with your organization’s goals.
  • Navigate Change: Understand how to adapt your strategies in response to shifting market conditions and emerging trends.
  • Lead with Confidence: Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to communicate and implement your strategic vision.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Management

  • Lecture 1: Understanding Strategic Management
  • Lecture 2: The Importance of Strategic Management
  • Lecture 3: Strategic Management Process Overview

Module 2: Strategy Analysis

  • Lecture 4: External Environment Analysis (PESTEL Framework)
  • Lecture 5: Industry and Competitive Analysis (Porter’s Five Forces)
  • Lecture 6: Internal Analysis (Resource-Based View)
  • Lecture 7: SWOT Analysis

Module 3: Strategy Formulation

  • Lecture 8: Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Lecture 9: Business Level Strategies (Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus)
  • Lecture 10: Corporate Level Strategies (Diversification, Integration, Strategic Alliances)
  • Lecture 11: International Strategies and Globalization
  • Lecture 12: Strategy and Innovation

Module 4: Strategy Implementation

  • Lecture 13: Organizational Structure and Design
  • Lecture 14: Culture and Leadership in Strategy Implementation
  • Lecture 15: Change Management and Strategic Drift
  • Lecture 16: Resource Allocation and Management

Module 5: Strategy Evaluation and Control

  • Lecture 17: Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  • Lecture 18: Strategic Control Systems
  • Lecture 19: Feedback and Learning in Strategic Management

Module 6: Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management

  • Lecture 20: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Strategy
  • Lecture 21: Technology and Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Lecture 22: Entrepreneurial Strategy and Competitive Dynamics
  • Lecture 23: Crisis Management and Strategic Responses

Module 7: Case Studies and Practical Applications

  • Lecture 24: Analyzing Real-world Strategic Challenges
  • Lecture 25: Formulating Strategies
  • Lecture 26: Implementing Strategies
  • Lecture 27: Evaluating Strategic Decisions: Case Study Discussions

Module 8: Course Conclusion

  • Lecture 28: Key Takeaways and Future Trends in Strategic Management
  • Lecture 29: Additional Resources and Continuous Learning

Who Is This Course For?

  • Aspiring managers and business leaders: Looking to develop the strategic mindset essential for leadership roles.
  • Business professionals: Wanting to enhance their strategic thinking skills and contribute more effectively to their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners: Seeking to craft and execute strategies that will drive growth and success.
  • MBA and business students: Laying a strong foundation in strategic management to excel in their studies and future careers.

Certificate Of Completion

Upon the successful completion of this course and final assessment, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Eduta.

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