Innovation for Product Manager in Fintech & Digital Age

Innovation for Product Manager in Fintech & Digital Age, Intro to 3F: Future Fintech Framework, which enables to Innovate, Engage, Collaborate and Grow in Fintech and Digital.

As you must be aware, that the Importance of Fintech & Digital Solutions is rising, presenting lots of business and career opportunities. Undoubtedly, we have seen in recent times, many new developments and initiatives being taken to adopt new technologies, and offer engaging solutions to customers. But is that enough? let’s consider some aspects below: –

  1. With finance & banking getting embedded, lines are thinning between banks and non-banks. So, competition is getting wider and intense and every industry has to adopt to new reality.
  2. Today, it is not just about products & processes. There is a need to increase focus towards Customers, by Creating Engaging User Journey.
  3. Solutions need to be made digitally native, and closely wedded to use cases / journeys across customers / micro segments.
  4. Clarity in requirements, and lack of collaboration between stakeholders, continue to be key issues in Digital products / solutions / projects.
  5. Be it regulations, pricing, new trends, players, market structures, technology etc., there is lots happening. We need it all simplified, and get some clarity.
  6. With API’s, we are moving to a low code / no code era. This will drive partnerships, improve Go To Market and reduce costs.

Hence, there is a need for a framework that assimilates, mitigates and addresses the above aspects. This is where 3F: Future Fintech Framework helps.

So, as AGILE framework helps with an approach for Project Management, similarly 3F: Future Fintech Framework provides us with a thought process / approach, for Creating Innovative & Engaging Solutions, Fostering Collaboration & Accelerating Growth, in the new Digital Age.

In this free course we Introduce you to the concept of 3F: Future Fintech Framework and offer some insights on, challenges and opportunity in Fintech, 3F genesis, 3F components, 3F benefits and how you can get the 3F Edge.

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