Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Live Case Study & Guide

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Live Case Study & Guide, Don’t know where to start? No worries! Watch & learn from a live case study where we show you how to succeed on FBMP.

Follow our dropshipping expert as he walks you through every step of running a successful dropshipping store on Facebook Marketplace.

This is your completely transparent guide to how Liran, an AutoDS dropshipping pro, runs his store.

He shares his computer screen every step of the way, completely uncensored and with 100% honesty.

This course is for anybody who wants to give themselves the best chance of replicating a professional dropshipper’s method for setting up a Facebook Marketplace dropshipping store.

Implement the methods shown in every lecture and watch your business grow.

With the entire process condensed into six easy lectures, you can save weeks on learning to create your successful dropshipping store.

After watching all parts of our Facebook Marketplace Case Study course, you will be able to:

1. Understand where professional dropshippers find trending products to sell on Facebook Marketplace

2. Know how to upload new products to your Facebook store in one click

3. Optimize your Facebook Marketplace store in every way, from building attractive product listings to automatically tracking your pricing

4. Understand how to use automation to speed up every part of the Facebook dropshipping process

What will you be learning in each lecture?

Lecture 1: Introduction to Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

Meet Liran – your expert dropshipper for this case study. In the first lecture, Liran sets up his Facebook Marketplace dropshipping account on Day 1. He shows you how he adds his first trending products to his store with the help of AutoDS.

Lecture 2: Liran’s First Sales

Liran shows you how he made his first sales after uploading some bestselling products to his Facebook Marketplace store. See exactly what products Liran has sold, and how much he profited!

Lecture 3: Effective Order Fulfilment

Over Day 3-5, Liran shows you how he has scaled his store by adding even more trending products to make more sales. He explains how he has started using a fast address copier and an order sheet to fulfill and keep track of all orders quickly.

Lecture 4: Profit Time!

After about a week of dropshipping, Liran shows you which products have sold the most, and how much profit he has made. He also demonstrates how to easily add banking details to Facebook Marketplace in order to withdraw profits from the sales he has made.

Lecture 5: The Customer is Always Right

As Liran moves into his second week of dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace store, he shares how he works on his customer service skills to make even more sales. Watch as he shows you how to help potential customers resolve their issues to convert them into sales!

Lecture 6: The Power of Promotions

Liran wraps up his live Facebook Marketplace dropshipping case study on Day 10. He identifies which of his products have sold the most, and shows you how to set up discount promotions inside Facebook Marketplace to help attract more customers.

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