Udemy Reviews (2022), Detailed Review of Udemy Platform by Students

Digitalized platforms have become an important part of modern life & among those Udemy is the one that is reshaping lives.

Significance of Technology on Lives

Technology has simplified our lives to an extent that now we are thinking of conquering other planets because of the innate curiosity and talent we possess. There is always a specific attribute attached to talent; you have to identify it in your personality and have to polish it till you are fully able to utilize it.

The Focus of the Conventional Education

This is why mankind believes in education because it is a way through which lost souls can be tamed and prepared for the challenges of life. Conventional education has always focussed on the promotion of knowledge which has led to innovation. With the digitization of modern educational norms, skills are becoming a hot favorite among individuals.

The Online Learning Rivalry

These days you will find a number of online platforms incorporating the essential skills regarding every area of life. Perhaps, this is the reason why many young aspirants are after the most renowned online educational harbingers. I think there might rarely be a person today who doesn’t know about edX, Coursera, and Udemy.

All these online learning platforms are causing much hype among the learners and there is a consistent tussle between these three giants of the business world.

The Revelation of the Greatest Secrets

Today, we are opening up a few secrets of Udemy, which is the leading online course platform and is giving a hard time to its arch-rivals. So, without any further time consumption, let’s take you on this roller coaster ride which introduces us to all the major areas of this giant.

Before you move forward; you need to know the:


Revolutionary Mission

Professional Skills Growth

Affordable Purchases & Lifetime Course Access

Diverse Categories

A Specific Professional Platform

Feasible Learning

Minimal Time for Skills Mastery

Gifting Courses

30 Days Refund Policy

Certificate of Completion


Doubtful Course Credibility

Lack of Accredited Certification

Worthless Sales for Instructors

Rare Courses Updates

Inefficient Customers Support Service

Ignored Queries

Mission is grand and so far it seems successful in bringing innovation to the conventional learning process.Since anyone can teach, the credibility of a course becomes doubtful.
It is aiding professionals to enhance their skills regarding their fields through simple means.No professional or academic weighting of the course of certification which makes the certificate almost useless.
The registration process is easy plus the courses are highly affordable bearing lifetime access.Because of the recurrent sales offered by the platform, instructors cannot receive the actual worth of their courses.
Categories are vast and up to date which even helps the youngsters to nourish their skills.Courses are rarely updated which is a bad side.
A separate professional platform helps the professionals to stick to their areas and enhance productivity on the basis of highly innovative courses.Customer support services function like a sloth.
One can learn in their own time zone according to their feasibility.The instructor rarely answers the queries which again is problematic.
A number of skills can be learnt in minimal time.
You can gift courses to your friends and family.
The refund policy is an absolute favourite.
You can increase your expertise by teaching on this platform which also supports your overall income.

What is Udemy?

Those who get charmed by the funky name of the platform definitely need to know more about it. Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform where the learners can find out courses of their interest for free or at reasonable prices. They can then take the courses of their choice to build their expertise in corresponding fields. It shares a lot of academic notes, tutorials, video lectures, reference books from which one can easily learn a lot in a minimal time period.

What Udemy Has To Say About It?

Udemy describes itself as, “The global connectors of knowledge whose aim is to change the modules of conventional learning and make it easier for the world.”

Changing Learning for the Better

This particular statement pretty much sums up everything Udemy offers. It offers vast portals of knowledge by creating chances for both the learners as well as the instructors to change the dimension of conventional learning which has global boundaries.

The Statistics

This claim offered by Udemy is not false or an exaggeration but the statistics accumulated by this prestigious organization over time prove it to be very true. The platform which took its first breath in 2010 has gained almost 50 million learners worldwide in the period of mere 12 years.

Well, that’s a big number but not that big when we take a look at the 175K+ courses of diverse nature offered over here. Almost 80K instructors are developing these courses in the light of the ethics and precepts of personal and professional growth in every domain. Udemy understands that it is not limited to a particular geographical area but has to become the knowledgeable sight of the entire world.

For this purpose, almost 75 different languages are employed by this giant to impart skills which itself is a record. Individuals who are aspiring to take the courses offered over here are also keenly active to enroll themselves for various courses, which is why we find the overall figure of course enrollment rising as high as 644 million. All these figures are a representation of its charm which is growing day by day and intriguing many others.

Udemy Course Enrollment Growth By Country

Growth of course enrollment during the pandemic phase. Courtesy: Business Wire (obtained from the annual Udemy growth report 2020).

You can check out the complete Udemy Online Learning Report

Motto of Udemy

Udemy is not just an online platform but it has revolutionized hundreds of lives since its onset. There is a certain purpose associated with its functioning. Since its establishment, Udemy has always kept its stance clear upon the motto of “Transformation”.

Udemy aims to transform the principles by which conventional educational standards can stand in the line of modern digital patterns aiming to nourish the skills of individuals.

Over time, Udemy has increased its global connections and today it serves as a web to connect individuals on the basis of the skills they all share. Udemy hopes to add practical skills in the business sphere for the sake of growth and aims for a rigorous change in the ways companies and businesses operate.


With the initiation and subsequent effort, Udemy wants to assist professionals to achieve all their workplace goals. In the hope to change the conventional standards, Udemy aims to bring organizations together by creating particular ease in the complex technical subjects which are the foundations of top-notch business organizations.

How To Register For Udemy?

Udemy doesn’t involve a complex chart for registration. You don’t have to read some technical tips, but just like every other app functionality these days, Udemy also involves a comprehensive signup process. Though comprehensive, it is simple. You can download the app on your android or iOS devices. Upon downloading this platform, you will find out a simple interface with easy rules.

Udemy Signup

In order to register yourself, you will be required to “Create An Account” on Udemy. There are a number of options through which you can easily register yourself.

  1. The first thing is to sign up with a simple email address that you are using.
  2. You can also employ your Apple ID to register yourself.
  3. Facebook & Gmail options are also there to make it further convenient for you.
  4. Once you have selected a particular ID, you will be asked to set a fixed password for your account.
  5. After that, you can simply help yourself by setting a username of yours on the platform. If you are signing up with the help of your Gmail or Apple ID, it will simply use the information which you have recorded earlier to set up both of these emails.

The Main Feed

Once you have registered yourself on Udemy, you will be directed to the “Homepage” where you will be able to find all kinds of courses for you.

  • Talking about the homepage of this platform, it’s pretty much simple yet informative because you get to find some “course discounts” on the top of the page and then the hot favorite or most preferred courses bless the homepage which is related to different fields.
  • On the very same page, you get to find the “category” section running haphazardly in the center which provokes curiosity and allows you to browse the categories of your choice.

Udemy Topics

This category is pretty basic but comprehensive at the same time. If you observe this clearly, you will find two kinds of courses at the display over here:

Featured Courses:

  • Featured courses are those courses that are selected and curated by the professionals of Udemy themselves according to the demand. These can be considered as the ones which are deemed profitable in the professional as well as a personal sphere. These are the ones that have a high sales ratio and are loved by many learners.

Top Courses:

  • Just as the name indicates, top courses are those which are topping the charts in every area. These are the ones that have the highest numbers of downloads and are loved by most of the learners.

The Interface

The next thing which you encounter opening the home page is the bottom layer and the overall interface of the application. The interface is user-friendly and you are easily able to scroll and select the courses in which you are interested. In association with that, you are also given the option to search and find the courses for you. At the bottom of the home page, you get to find a banner that includes:

Feature Section

This one allows you to find out the most loved and trusted courses by the selection team of Udemy as well as the learners.

Search Section

This allows you to search for your desired courses by simply entering the word of choice.

My Courses

This one is in the middle of the banner which consists of the recurrent reminders for courses. Along with that, your queries are recorded for the sake of record.


The wishlist includes all the stuff which you are safe for giving a second thought. Whatever you want to save for checking out in the future is saved here which can be easily accessed in the future.


This icon on the banner directly takes you to your account where you can watch your purchase-related notifications as well as the video quality of the lectures. Besides, you find all your security-related options over here which you can control all by yourself.

Purpose Behind The Existence Of Udemy

Udemy serves to provide the biggest online learning services to its learners. The prime reason behind the existence of this platform is to cater to the growing needs of skills by allowing learners to nourish and grow their academic knowledge. Udemy is successful because of being:


These days there are a number of online platforms which promote E-learning. However, with the growing ratio of such institutions, it is becoming equally difficult for individuals to find the most workable of all.
So, if you are double-minded about the efficacy of Udemy, we suggest you do not take tension because this is an authentic platform where many top leading industries are collaborating to incorporate new kinds of skills every single day. Besides, this platform has been praised by many of the economic and educational institutions which approve and commend the E-learning principle offered by Udemy all over the globe.

User Friendly

Today the success of every app depends on the impression it leaves on the minds of people. Many users prefer Udemy over other courses platforms because it is easy to use. It helps users to find out the courses of their choice easily without suffering a lot.

Being a user-friendly application, Udemy helps you to find out the areas of your interest and provides you with all the essential stuff like notes, quizzes, and video tutorials without any painstaking effort.


Many courses which are offered by Udemy are very very light on the pocket. You do not need to pay a humongous amount for learning a new technology or a skill but all the latest literature regarding your field is available to you at a rate much more convenient than the market.

You can easily roll yourself into your desired courses at simple rates which are economically profitable for carrying out your professional journey.

Udemy is for?

Another question which is mostly raised by a number of aspiring learners is that should we go for Udemy? If Udemy is meant for us? Who are those individuals for wh this platform will serve ideal?

The answer is simple. Udemy doesn’t segregate individuals on its platform. It’s the platform that offers equal opportunities for all.

This is the platform that is undoubtedly developed for all including young students who want to explore new areas of talent and gain knowledge about things that intrigue them.

Besides, those professionals who want to gain new strengths for their supporting business are the ones who can fully rely on this platform. It allows the professional domain to work at their convenience and garner innumerable skills overtime to make their business growth obvious.

Udemy is for both the professionals who believe in extending their knowledge in the professional setup as well as it can be an easy source for the talented youth to further polish up their skills by selecting the courses of their interest.
Over time, both have taken advantage of the vast courses and have considered Udemy as the platform which brews intellectual and skillful individuals who are experts in their fields.

Udemy For Professionals

Udemy business is another platform exclusively launched by Udemy to facilitate the professionals. Just as the name suggests, Udemy business aims to offer and curate those courses which are exclusively built for the persons who want to gain expertise in the business field.

It consists of top-notch courses curated by the experts of the management field. It offers 14000 vast courses for various business areas. Over time, it is getting trusted by the leading organizations of the world.

This extension from Udemy is exclusively built for providing ease to the employers by helping them in training the employees according to the modern trends in the business field. Udemy business is active in connecting individuals together on the basis of their team performance.

Many of the big names are turning to Udemy business for growing their employees’ knowledge as well as to find out the latest demands of the market. The courses offered over here are updated regularly according to the newest market tactics which are efficient to train your employees according to the latest patterns.

How To Register For Udemy Business?

Registration over Udemy business is simple. You just have to be a little more comprehensive when it comes to creating a business account.

  1. For the sake of registration, you will be asked to enter your work email.
  2. Once your work email is registered in the database of Udemy, your username, as well as organizational email, will be saved and verified along with a password of choice.
  3. Once you have followed these steps, your organizational name will be asked from you every time you need to sign in. You have to enter the same work email upon which you have previously registered.
  4. Once you have registered yourself on the basis of the account provided by your organization, you can then continue with the services of this one.

Course Categories Over Udemy

Once you are a part of Udemy, you find a number of sections that belong to different areas of life. Each one of them belongs to a specific interest and provides you with courses associated with it. These are called the course categories which are used to filter out the ideal courses matching up your requirement. Once you are on the homepage, you can easily find the category portion on the bottom.

Once you click on “See All”, you will find multiple categories which will belong to various fields of interest. You can select the categories of your choice out of the various categories offered in the category section and then browse your required courses from that.

Following are the categories which you will find in the category section:


This is the most widely popular category on Udemy. Here you will find all the necessary courses involving software and web development as well as you will find the perspectives of experts on programming. Besides, you will find the courses to master different sorts of languages as well as technologies offered by the latest software companies and experts found around the globe.


This one offers you the latest courses about the origin as well as the principles of business in association with the modern trends in the global market.

Finance and Accounting

If you are a person who deals with money management, this category could turn out to be a lifesaver for you. The reason is that over here, you will find out the latest management and accounting-related courses which are crafted by the experts of the field.

IT and Software

This category includes all the courses which are based on the commercial application of various software and the usage of several new technologies in the field.

Office Productivity

This category is mainly used by the professionals where there are variable courses assisting the employers to be creative in their workplaces. Furthermore, there are certain courses about the elimination of workplace procrastination which can also be of great help.

Personal Development

This is another awesome category that again allows individuals to go through various courses where they can easily find out time management strategies, routine building, growth enhancement, and rules for defying depression and productive anxiety.


Exclusively designed for graphic designers, here you find courses related to logo making or graphic designing in the simplest order for both personal and professional usage.


This one involves courses which share a number of new and old marketing strategies and the trends of the market. It is best for aspiring marketers.


In this category, you will find a number of courses which are a part of over every day’s life. There are various courses from managing a household to good parenting, you are welcome with diversity over here.

Photography and Video

As photography & videography both are turning into major careers today, this category is focused to impart basic knowledge about photography and video making to the interested ones. You further find several courses about the use of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for professional purposes.

Health and Fitness

Just as the name suggests, this category involves all those courses which assure personal health. From courses involving meditation to courses where you are guided to set a healthy and balanced diet, every bit of information is here for you to taste.


Music is the food of the soul. Those artists who want to improve themselves in several areas of music like signing, composing or instruments’ playing can simply browse variable courses of this category where you are offered knowledge about all the areas of knowledge by the experts.

Teaching and Academics

Teaching and Academics is the category that is there to support the teachers according to the latest educational models. Here they also find guides and courses over various subjects which they have to teach to the class. Along with that, some of the courses focus on the requirements of being an intellectual and efficient teacher. Meanwhile, some also help you to build up the necessary communication which you need to have in you as a teacher.

How To Find Authentic Courses On Udemy?

Since Udemy is a platform curated by individuals who can belong to any background, this increases the chance of fraud. A number of people complain about getting scammed on Udemy from time to time but what I have learned from my experience over Udemy is that you can find authentic courses on it. To find authentic courses, you have to be a little careful.

  • Look at the ratings & reviews given to the courses

The best thing through which you can understand the efficacy of any course is through the reviews given to it. These reviews and ratings help you to understand whether a particular course is genuinely going to be excellent or it’s just a waste of money. It really works.

Here is a sample of two courses taken from the same category.

It can be seen clearly that this is labeled as the best seller among the list and is trusted by most of the users.

Now the second course’s rating clearly reveals that it is not as effective as the former one. So, you can clearly go for the first one as it has more number of students as well as good ratings.

  • Focus on the description of the course

A number of times one can clearly find out the core of the overall course lying in the description. Courses that are productive focus on meaningful, precise, and to-the-point descriptions where they simply discuss the learning outcomes of a particular course.

However, courses that are not strong in terms of the content adopt the strategy of making the description painfully long with no particular goal throughout. You can get it in nearly two seconds that the said course is going to be a waste of time.

Let’s take a look at the samples collected for this test.

This one is the excerpt of a description of a best-selling course, where you are clearly being informed about the achievements offered by the course. You can easily find out the outcomes of the course just by reading the description.

The above description’s excerpt is from an average-rated course. Here there is a lack of coherence. Everything said is general and nothing relates much to the outcomes of the offered course. Thus, when the achievements remain ambiguous, you can easily find that the course instructor lacks order and planning.

How To Purchase A Course On Udemy?

Purchasing a course on Udemy isn’t difficult.

  • Once you browse through various courses according to your interest, you have to select a course of your choice first.
  • You can select the course of your choice by finding out the description of each course and the requirements which are needed for completion. You can find out the details of lectures as well as the curriculum right under the video demo of the course in which you are interested.

Sample of a random course’s description being offered

  • After you have gone through the course and its outcomes in detail, you can finally decide to purchase a particular course. For this purpose, all you need to do is to click the “Buy Now” banner given at the middle of the course landing page.
  • Once you have clicked on the buy now option, you will be redirected to the “Checkout Page”, where you can enter your payment details. You can either pay by Apple Pay or PayPal by linking up either account of yours with Udemy.
  • You can also pay through your debit cards. Udemy accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, JCB as well as American Express. You can link any of these cards with your Udemy account for payment.

Image Courtesy: Udemy

Once you have purchased a course over here, it’s the lifelong payment because you get complete access to the course materials as well as you can also get full access to the updated versions of the following course. You get lifetime access to the course you purchase.

Udemy Course Purchase Module

Udemy courses are pretty much lighter on your pocket as compared to the courses coming from other big names. Udemy offers all of its users a fairly reasonable purchase module.

  1. Over here, almost 650-700 courses of basic nature are totally free. The purpose of offering these courses is to make individuals aware of the mechanics of the courses. If you are just a beginner, this can be your cue to avail of the free courses and find out the significance of these so that you can, later on, decide to purchase a particular course or not.
  2. Seasonal discounts are offered most of the time over Udemy. If you believe my word, this is the most suitable time for you to purchase any course of your choice on the basis of some “amazing seasonal discounts”. Udemy is preferred by many of the users merely because of the fantabulous discounts which it offers up to 90% which is indeed a very grand value one can expect for the discount but at the same time, it is the same time to get your hands over most of your highly coveted courses.
  3. Udemy is also impactful because over here you will find courses starting from the cheapest price of $10-$12. It is the starting range of the courses from where these values erupt higher as the complexity of a course deepens. There are some highly-paid courses for about $700 as well but the curriculum attached with them speaks of the high price. The top rule to win a course intelligently over here lies in deep focus. Once you have gone through the criteria of a particular course, you can then find the long-run outcomes and then select to buy or ignore on the basis of your choice.
  4. Udemy also accepts discount coupons which also help individuals to purchase a number of significant courses. For this, you have to access a particular discounted coupon. You can directly redeem it by entering the coupon code at the time of purchase and tada! Your course price will be discounted.

30 Days Refund Policy

Udemy believes in providing convenience. For this reason, Udemy offers a 30-day refund policy which I have loved a lot. If you are not satisfied with the content of a certain course and feel that this course isn’t helping you learn something new, you can easily request a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

Another important thing is that a refund only exists if you haven’t downloaded half of the course content till that time. If you have downloaded most of the content or are requesting for refund recurrently, there are fair chances that your request will directly be sent to the “bin” option.

Course Requisites For Students

Udemy offers a number of courses to its students which also leaves a big question mark on what are the requisites for students to complete a particular course. So, this varies from course to course.

Basic Requisites

  1. Every course has certain video lectures and course content that mark the overall course. For the certification from Udemy, you have to go through 70% of the overall lectures. In courses that are highly significant, you have to go through all the lectures and then apply for the certification.
  2. You have to go through the course content carefully. To learn a course in a better way, it is highly preferable for you to find out the quiz questions and complete the assignments given by your instructors because it ensures your efficient performance.
  3. Some of the requisites are also put forth by your course instructor. Some instructors prefer an end-of-the-course exam that is assessed and that ensures your completion.
  4. For some specific courses such as development and programming, you are required to install a specific kind of software or program to learn the course in a better way.

An example of the requirements from the students

Udemy Courses’ Structures

On Udemy, every course is different because of the area of expertise and the approach of the instructor who compiled all the content for a particular course. However, there are certain properties of every single course over Udemy which have a unifying nature.

Video Lectures

Almost all the courses on Udemy consist of a minimum of 30 minutes of video lectures. This compulsion is enforced by Udemy and all the instructors need to abide by this. Though the number of lectures can vary, 5 video lectures are obligatory to present as per the offering of your course. These video lectures can either consist of problem-solving lectures or tutorials to do something conveniently but these are a constituent of every single course over here. A video preview of every course is given before you actually dive into it.


You also find a curriculum attached to every single Udemy course. This curriculum consists of various components. Sometimes, you are given textbooks, notes, or PowerPoint lectures as a part of your course. While it also consists of the assignments and quizzes which you are bound to solve side by side.

Many complex level courses provide an in-depth curriculum for students so that they can practically learn with the help of both the lectures and notes. The overall curriculum of a particular course is mentioned right on the course landing page.

The overall curriculum was given by the instructor of a certain course

Courses Certification

Udemy offers a course of completion upon the completion of each course. This certification announces that an individual has successfully passed the requirements of completion and has mastered the subject of the course. You can also consider this as a certificate of appreciation from the instructors as well as Udemy upon the completion of your desired courses on the platform.

A sample certificate of completion (Source: Twitter)

How To Download Your Certificate of Completion

We all love appreciation because this helps individuals to become keener and encouraged in life. Once you have completed a course on Udemy, you can simply download your certificate. Here are the tips for downloading your certificate.

  1. Once you have completed your course, there will be an option of “More” on the course landing page. Simply click that option. You will find a side banner.
  2. Once you find the above-looking side banner, click on the second option where you have to opt for the “course certificate” option out of the innumerable ones.
  3. After you have clicked upon the second option, you can easily find out your course certificate which can be downloaded by a simple click on the “Download” option.

One Fact To Consider

Though Udemy offers its courses certifications, these are not the “accredited certificates”. Now if you are wondering about the term “accredited”, let me clear it for you.

These certificates which you receive upon the completion of courses have no academic significance. You cannot use them in the professional or academic domain to show your expertise but these can only be considered as minute tokens of appreciation offered to individuals upon the completion of courses.

What is “Gift This Course”?

Gift This Course can be considered a gift from Udemy itself from where you can gift a course of your choice to your friends or family members. These courses can help your friends or family to attain expertise in a specific area of their interest. Gifting a course is pretty simple.

  1. Select the course which you want to gift. This is easy. You will see the option of gifting a course underneath the “buy now” icon. Click on that.
  2. Once you have clicked upon the “Gift this course” option. You will be directed to the next step where you have to mention the course recipient’s name and email address. Note that, for using the gifted course, your friend or family member must have a registered email with Udemy. At this step, you will be also asked to enter the date to send this gift as well as any particular message along with your gift. After entering these details, “proceed to checkout”.
  3. Upon proceeding to the checkout step, you will then finalize the gift and upon the time being mentioned by you, your course will be sent to the person you have recommended to the specific course.

How Does Teaching Work Over Udemy?

A number of professionals who are experts in their field aim to make extra bucks by sharing their knowledge over Udemy. Becoming an instructor over Udemy is easy and I followed some basic steps which were too simple. I loved the simplicity offered by Udemy concerning this.

Step 1: Go to your Account
If you have finally aimed to teach over Udemy, you can simply go to your account, where you find the “Become an instructor” label dominating at the top. Click that.

Step 2: Get Started
Once you have clicked upon the icon, you will be directed to the official website of Udemy and you will land on the teaching page. Here you will find the “get started” banner and some advantages of teaching on Udemy. Click on the former.

Step 3: Sign Up/Login
The next step is simple. You have to enter a username as well as your email address and set a password for logging in. If you are an existing member of Udemy, you can do this by entering the same email address and login.

Step 4: 3 Questions
You will be asked 3 basic questions about your academic activity in the past. Once you answer that you will jump into the “course creation page”, where you can mention the type, of course, you aim to create regarding a specific category and title. After listing all that, you can now upload as much content as you want.

Basic Requirements For An Instructor

Though there are no hard and fast rules for an instructor but some of the requirements are:

  1. Being a professional and expert in the category.
  2. Creating meaningful content.
  3. Providing thorough lectures.
  4. Updating courses whenever it’s necessary.
  5. Uploading regular lectures of overall 30 to the least mins on the platform.
  6. Not preaching hate speech or violence through the course.

But Who Are Teaching Assistants?

That’s a luxury facility offered by Udemy to the instructors. If some of the instructors are extra careful about the productivity of their students, they can select certain active and bright individuals as “teaching assistants” who can either convey or help to resolve the queries of the students impressively.

Is Udemy Authentic?

Well, yes. It is authentic in terms that you are not wasting your time and money over a fraudulent application because it has many global partners. These partners are strong enough to tell the learner that the platform is already tested and used by many chief names of the market. Udemy proudly presents the names of its partners over its homepage to give an insight into the learning quality.

Udemy Customer Support Services

Well, not everything in a place is good. I must say that Udemy lacks in this department because when I went through some of the online reviews about the customer support it offers to its clients, I got mixed reviews.

Some were satisfied with the provision of queries and their suitable answers on the platform of the customer service, while others complained that when they reported about some issues in the courses or requested for refund, unfortunately, they never “heard back”.

These mixed reviews have persuaded me to come up with the idea that Udemy still needs to bond with the customers on a deeper level when it comes to acting and resolving the customers’ queries. So, this area still needs to be amended.

Udemy Blog: A Hero For The Careful Learners

The accepted belief is that Udemy serves the purpose rightly by enhancing learning and incorporating g new skills in the interested lot. This is indeed a commendable fact because it does that at a much more affordable rate compared to its rivals but still, there are some learners who want to check its services before trying it out for real. Udemy Blog is meant for all those careful learners.

It consists of various useful blogs on different topics aiming for professional and workplace growth. These blogs are highly useful for those who are creating a change in their work-life and want motivation.

A number of experts share their opinions about professional functioning with the help of these blogs which are carefully curated for aspiring professionals. I personally take a lot of help from these blogs because they are highly impactful when you need to develop the habit of concentration which in turn heightens up your productivity.


Udemy is indeed a good platform that is revolutionizing the concept of conventional learning. It is offering a number of individuals the opportunity to nourish their talent by incorporating skills of their choice. As the platform is entirely focused on the motto that anyone can learn and teach, hence it is aiding everyone to share their skills.

However, some of the weaker points can still be corrected if Udemy opts for a policy of stiff standards and checks upon the content which is being shared as part of the courses. This is going to enhance the number of learners because if the standards are high, learners will believe that the money which they spent is actually worth it.

Online Tutorials
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Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials is a website sharing online courses, and free online tutorials for free on a daily basis. You can find the best free online courses and thousands of free online courses with certificates to take your knowledge to the next level with the free courses.

  1. To see that Udemy had so many negative reviews was a complete shock to me. The reason I started using Udemy was to learn Unity (a game engine). I ordered four courses on the subject and completed them in one week. This one was the ultimate guide to achieving unity, which was the first one I began working on. Despite the fact that I am only halfway through, I am quite satisfied with it! It’s a great combination of high-quality lectures and a note-taking system that I’ve found to be really helpful! I am unable to comment on the additional courses I ordered, but I imagine they will be similar in nature to these.

  2. Over the course of more than a decade, I’ve purchased courses from Udemy. I purchased courses and now have more than 100 titles, all of which I have saved and can go to when necessary for reference. When the costs were too expensive, I received wonderful assistance in obtaining some discount codes. My purchases were expensive, as were my returns. It was recommended that I receive a refund because the course did not match my expectations. Udemy has an obvious and explicit refund policy, which states that if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, a refund will be processed immediately and without inquiry.

  3. This Website displays every form of content available, and when you purchase it, they will play it once or twice before blocking your account, claiming that you have violated their policies, and thereafter they will never communicate with you again. Despite the fact that I had sent them countless emails. If you check their chat support, they would just file a ticket and tell you that a member of our concerned team would be in touch with you shortly. Due to the high volume of emails, they are receiving, they will only contact you after two days. If you respond to their emails by stating that you have not violated any rules and that you wish to interact, they will never respond to your emails. This is my personal experience, having paid a subscription but not being able to utilize it. It appears that they will never reimburse my money, as well. As a result, they are solely interested in the money.

  4. You should avoid purchasing anything from Udemy if you have a Mac computer. There are fewer and fewer specific explanations for Mac than there are for PC. While the aides are not prepared to address academic inquiries, they are trained to assist with the registration process (basically, when it is time to collect your money). My Mac Big Sur was unable to run codelite due to the fact that dbg and lldb were not both available on the same machine. After doing some web research, I discovered the answer. Additionally, several of the commands contained within were not available for Mac. And I texted to get an answer, but when I finally got to the instructor, he merely deflected the subject and insisted that I pose the question someplace else instead of answering the solution. After that, I’m stuck with a credit of 29 dollars and all of the pricing for other classes have gone back up to 140 dollars, which I’m not interested in taking anyway. I would be happy to share my 29$ credit with anyone who has access to a computer.

  5. A true scam company, Udemy.com, exists. Here’s what I’ve learned from my own personal experiences: Using my phone wallet, I purchased three courses from Udemy for a total of 1080 INR. Access to the courses I purchased has not been granted to me. Udemy customer support stated that they had not received any funds, however, I was able to see that money had been deducted from my phone wallet and had the transaction id. What’s amusing is that during my conversation with an Udemy customer service representative prior to supplying them with my transaction id, they stated that even though I had provided them with my transaction id, they couldn’t assist me in providing access to the courses I had purchased. After 48 hours, they informed me that they had not received payment and as a result, they were unable to grant access to the courses I had purchased on their platform. Despite the fact that you have a transaction id that clearly demonstrates that money was made to Udemy India as stated below, you are still unable to access your account. Those considering purchasing courses from Udemy should pause and consider their options carefully; ultimately, their decisions are theirs! I’m confident that this is a scam.

  6. Udemy is a rip-off!!! Keep your money in your pocket. I just purchased a course a few days ago. The course was poor, and it was quite difficult to understand. I wrote them a request, but they did not respond to it. As I continued to try to pay attention to the instructor, the situation became increasingly worse. I’d had enough and sought a complete refund at this point. They refused, despite the fact that I had only completed 19 percent of the process; their own website states that a “significant amount” must be used. The percentage of 19 percent is insignificant. Second, they make a 30-day guarantee, which is a complete fabrication. Udemy should never be used. I’m going to contact my bank and delegate responsibility to them. I’m also submitting this to Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

  7. When I signed up for a trial on “Master Digital Marketing – Google Certificate” on September 12, 2021, I realized it was not for me because the Facebook training was obsolete, among other things. After three days, I realized it was not for me. I then went to the UDEMY website and went through the necessary hoops to request a refund, but was informed that I had “signed into the course too many times,” according to the course description, and thus did not qualify for a refund. The course is out of date, and the refund is a ruse to get money. Signing up for UDEMY.COM cursing comes with the proviso that you do it at your own risk. UDEMY.COM’s refund policy is a complete fabrication!

  8. This is one of the best websites where a person may study from any domain and any field at a very reasonable price………………… For both tutors and students who are benefiting from it, this is an extremely useful and excellent resource… Many thanks to Udemy…

  9. I signed up for a trial account and then forgot to cancel it, so I didn’t use the services. I was turned down for a refund. When I contacted assistance, I received a copy and paste response. Previously, I utilized Udemy extensively, but I won’t do so in the future unless they demonstrate some common sense.

  10. In recent months, Udemy has altered its return policy. It is not refunding the money right away, claiming that this is a violation of company policy. Even if you request an explanation, you will not receive a response. The best policy is to read the course contents, participate in social forums, and pay attention to the feedback provided by the course designer. Make your decision. LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, edX, Skillshare, Pluralsight, Frontend Masters, YouTube education sites, 2U (online university), DataCamp (online data science school), DataPro (online data science school), and many other options are available. Make thorough study and do not rely on the words of the company, whether it is Udemy or Coursera. It only occurred to me after I had a pretty negative experience with Udemy.

  11. A Business Intelligence Analyst Course for 2021 has been purchased. It was on sale for $14.99 at the time of purchase. It was complicated and extremely confusing, and I found myself listening to lectures twice or three times before I understood what was being said. As a result, I requested a refund, which was denied because I was still enrolled in the course, but it had already been more than 30 days. It’s absurd that they are refusing to offer a refund in this situation. I purchased the course at discount 30 days previous to starting it, but I didn’t begin it until a week and a half later. In addition, I had another $165 course in my Udemy basket, which I removed because I believe their customer service and policy are ludicrous. From now on, I’m going to take online classes from one of the numerous other companies that are available.

  12. As I researched, the company has a very basic algorithm that appears to favor people who are earning them more money; the problem with this is those older teachers who have been around for a longer period of time appear to get much more attention than an instructor who is more educated or more qualified but is brand new; as a result, any new instructor on the platform does not appear to have a chance in hell of growing because the company has limited growth because they no longer appear to heavily market and promote their courses. If one of their favorite creators files a complaint against a competition, Udemy will immediately side with the favored creator who is filling their hungry wallets with money. Furthermore, the programs I have taken have been taught by young students who do not have any qualifications or degrees to back up their claims of knowledge.

  13. Hello there, friends. The following is my most negative experience with Udemy Trust & Safety as well as with the Copyrights Team… I wanted to get some practice before taking RPA courses, so I enrolled in three Instructors’ courses. One of the Instructor (A) courses is quite well-known and highly regarded, and it comes highly recommended by a friend. My enrollment in the course with the other instructor (B) was motivated by reviews (fake/paid) on the course. When I finished the first instructor (A) course (having completed practicing all questions in mock tests), I began practicing questions on the second instructor course and was shocked to discover that the same questions and contents I had previously practiced on the first instructor course were present on the second instructor course (A). This means that this individual has replicated the entirety of Instructor (A course, )’s including questions, photos, explanations, and even descriptions.

    I gave him one star with honest comments (This person has copied….bla bla) and received a refund. I also reported his course to Udemy Trust and Safety for violating the Udemy copyright policy, which resulted in a refund and a report to Udemy Trust and Safety. I was under the impression that Udemy would prohibit this individual and withdrawing his course, but to my disappointment, no action has been done by Udemy against his course, and my review has also not been posted on his course landing page. (It’s possible that some Udemy instructors are receiving shady payments from these types of individuals.)

    As a result, I realize that there is no such thing as copyright for Udemy and that there is also no such thing as teacher course privacy for Udemy. Anyone can generate money by creating exam preparation courses by replicating the contents of other people’s courses. Udemy’s Trust & Safety, Copyrights, and Instructor Support teams are all a gigantic joke, and they’re also worthless as jack**. So, if you are considering building a course on Udemy, please take hundreds of hours to think about it before publishing it. Udemy is a dishonest, unreliable, and downright dishonest company that exists solely for the purpose of making money. Money is essential to them, and they are not interested in the Instructor or his or her privacy.

  14. After purchasing a long and complex course, I was DENIED A REFUND a day later by the company that sold it. Because I had to browse around a lot at two times the speed of light in order to figure out if there was any information I could use, I was excluded from receiving a refund. Due to the lack of customer service, you will be unable to receive a refund. Even if the “updated on” date is current, these courses are not often updated on a regular basis. This implies that they may have only revised a small portion of the full course. In light of the fact that they do not fulfill their promised refund policy, misrepresent the updates, and allow terrible course designers, I would consider using virtually any other course site. They can keep their prices low since their classes are simply YouTube videos that you pay to see.

  15. When I look around, it appears that the experience with Udemy has been really negative, and I would never suggest it to anyone. YouTube channels of a certain nature are preferable to Udemy. At the very least, you will be able to save your money. Due to the fact that udemy does not provide:

    1) There is insufficient guidance.
    2) Customer service representatives are not pleasant to deal with.
    3) There will be no resolution to the problem.
    4) The unbroken promise of unlimited access for the rest of one’s life.

    The following is the reason for this review: I purchased a full stack web development course on udemy and have had access to the course for a total of one week. But, all of a sudden, the course has vanished from my online account list. When I approached customer service for help with the problem, they just stated, “We will update you by letter,” and then closed the chat window. However, the reality is that they have no idea how long it will take to fix the situation. The climax of the narrative is that they don’t even have any records of the course being purchased on Udemy’s website. They are not stepping forward to remedy the issue, even after providing documentation of purchasing and accessing the course… There has been no return on the investment.

  16. I didn’t find Udemy’s UI to be user-friendly; when I attempted to open a course, it presented me with features from another course that was not relevant to the course I was attempting to open. Furthermore, I experienced internet connectivity troubles when attempting to access the course. When I launch a game or a website, on the other hand, it opens swiftly.

  17. Never put your trust in Udemy. It is the most pitiful, unworthy, and untrustworthy website on the internet. The following are the justifications:

    1. I was studying for the Google Cloud certification and purchased three courses from Udemy to help me prepare. One week before my certification exam, all three courses were deleted from the system. In most cases, the reimbursement does not occur automatically. We need to put in a formal request. The website is a disgrace and is extremely difficult to navigate. As a result, we cannot rely on Udemy in any way. The courses on Udemy are structured and recorded in a woefully amateurish manner. Coursera, LinuxAcademy, and CloudAcademy are excellent options because they offer high-quality courses.

    2. Udemy cannot be trusted because your information has been published on other websites. My remarks for a course can be found on the https://courses.javacodegeeks.com/ website, which I do not have access to because I am not a member. As a result of my contact with Udemy to have the statement removed, they misled the students by stating that they should contact the instructor. When I contact the instructor, the instructor responds by saying “This is quite weird, and I have no idea what is causing it or how it is occurring. In the past, something similar had occurred. Udemy appears to be paying websites such as javacodegeeks.com to promote their courses, as when I click on the course on that page, it sends me to the Udemy website.”

    3. It is not guaranteed that Udemy will not sell your bank account to hackers if they are able to post your remarks on other websites for publicity purposes and mislead the students.

    To summarize, never use your Udemy account. The company is unreliable, and their customer service is a joke. Even if the course is offered for free on Udemy, do not register for it. Most of the courses are a complete waste of time. It is preferable to use Coursera, LinuxAcademy, or CloudAcademy because they are considerably safer and more protective of your privacy in terms of your comments, login data, and account information.

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