Is Udemy Worth It and Is Udemy Legit? – Udemy Review (2020)

Udemy is undoubtedly an online education platform. It is certainly aimed towards professional individuals.

Compared with academic massive open online courses (MOOCs), which might be powered by regular colleges or universities, Udemy takes advantage of content material coming from online content makers to promote and sell meant for profit.

Udemy gives you the equipment’s which in turn allows end-users to produce online courses, promote it and as well, make money using student tuition fees.

Currently, no udemy courses are credentialed for college credit rating; students visit the platform take their desired courses mainly as an approach of increasing work-related abilities.

A few courses create credit toward specialized certification. Udemy has got a unique effort and hard work to help attract corporate and business instructors wanting to develop coursework intended for staff of their particular organization or company.

According to Udemy, as of 2019, their platform has served:

  • 30 Million Udemy Students
  • 100K Udemy Courses
  • 42K Udemy Instructors
  • 190 Million of Udemy Course Enrollments

Udemy Students

Udemy acts as an essential platform that allows course instructors to make online courses on their desired or on the topics that they have expertise.

Applying Udemy’s training course production applications, they can upload videos, Presentations, PDFs, audio tracks, zip data files, and as well, live classes to produce fantastic online courses.

Instructors could also participate and communicate with students through online conversation boards.

Courses are available throughout a wide range of categories, including development, business, it & software, office productivity, personal development, design, marketing, health & fitness, language, music, technology, and so much more.

Udemy likewise offers you Udemy for Business, allowing companies and organizations to gain access to a particular collection of more than 2,000 online courses on subject areas from digital marketing strategies to office productivity, graphic design, programming, management, and the list goes on.

Udemy Business

However, with the help of Udemy for Business, companies and organizations can quickly produce custom made learning portals intended for corporate and business training.

Instructor payment coming from their courses differs based upon who spends in promotion or marketing to help attract students to the Udemy platform.

Instructors make 97% of most course profits in case the instructor’s standing, as well as promotion, attracts the students to enroll in their courses.

Udemy keeps 50% of the profits if perhaps the student is pulled in through Udemy’s very own promotion or maybe different coursework, plus the instructor gets only 25% from the course earnings if perhaps an Udemy’s affiliate marketer pulls in the student to the Udemy website and as well, the course.

In the second option, the affiliate gets 50% from the course earnings, and then the rest of the 50% is usually divided between the Udemy and the instructor itself.

In April 2013, Udemy presented an excellent application for Apple iOS, making it possible for students to take Udemy courses straight via iPhones; Finally, the Android version was first released in January 2014.

Since January 2014, the iOS application has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Then 20% of Udemy students are accessing their particular courses through the mobile phone. In July 2016, Udemy extended its iOS platform to integrate Apple TV.

Is Udemy Worth It?

What precisely will make Udemy much more unique is the fact that the end-users can easily navigate through a variety of courses and also participate in Udemy courses.

If you may have a significant desire for taking udemy online courses to help you gain a unique skill, likely, you have pretty much discovered about Udemy by merely looking at different student reviews attempting to find out, “Is Udemy Worth It?”.

Or perhaps it may be entirely possible that this is your very first time seeing and hearing about Udemy and as well, would probably prefer to find out more about their online learning platform.

In either case, the following Udemy worth assessment will likely be the best overview of their platform, equipped with an entire walkthrough of their features and benefits.

Preferably instead of looking upon different review websites online intended for insights thinking if the udemy courses are worth it or not, have confidence the fact that you are going to find every piece of information you should know throughout the following thorough Udemy review.

If perhaps you decide on enrolling in a low-quality course to help you learn a new skill and you did not appear to check the Udemy course reviews, you will most likely feel disappointed choosing that particular course even if you have got the course for just $10! Possibly in case you spend to get high quality and highest rated Udemy course, you are still likely to find it challenging to get very much from it unless of course, you set aside and give time to it and also take action within the points the training course notifies you to perform.

Yet if you select a suggested Udemy course and then take on your learning as significantly as you would probably a course you used to be spending a lot of money for, there is simply no cause as to why an Udemy course will not improve one’s knowledge and skills.

It is precisely the same with producing courses on the Udemy platform. If perhaps you distrustfully put things along while in the expectation of earning money, every single and every Udemy review for that low-quality course will undoubtedly disappoint you, and you will not be able to make profits from your course on the Udemy platform.

Although in case you attempt to produce your training course one of the greatest and as well, one of the updated in their platform, in that case, there is simply no excuse as to why you cannot establish your main views about becoming the next famous Udemy instructor on their platform.

Is Udemy Legit?

Udemy is definitely totally legit.

Nevertheless, the truth is that any individual can easily produce the best Udemy courses is definitely the best and most unique way of online education. That being said, the level of quality of the courses can undoubtedly differ significantly.

Experts in their particular field make a lot of Udemy courses. A great sample can be Rob Percival, a well known professional in programming and web development. His relevant courses on Udemy have got almost 1,167,641 students, and he is one of the top instructors in the Udemy platform.

Therefore, Udemy is legit. Those students who have a negative view about the Udemy platform are more likely to have picked a very low-quality course, and as well, it may be difficult to refuse the fact that those kinds of courses exist.


Udemy is still a very helpful online education platform designed for each of those students and as well, instructors.

Worth mentioning that as an instructor, you can generate passive income from their platform in case you have dedicated authentic attention to your projects.

Furthermore, for protecting the students, Udemy as well provides 30 days money-back guarantee. It really should not end up being exploited.

If perhaps the Udemy course seems to have really worked out for you, make sure you provide the instructor with your honest reviews.

In case you selected a low-quality Udemy course for enrollment and did not check the reviews for that specific course, then probably you will feel disappointed about getting enrolled in the course.

Although in case you pick an appropriate course and then take on your learning as significantly just like you would probably a training course, you used to be spending a lot of money to get. However, there is simply no cause as to why a Udemy training course will not improve your knowledge.

  1. Hello Friends,

    There are 3 options for downloading udemy courses to your local computer for offline viewing.

    1 – The default udemy downloader which you can find within the udemy video by clicking the gear icon and you will find it if the instructor enabled the download option it will be available for you to download the udemy lecture to your computer.

    2 – Open the udemy course in google chrome browser and once you have opened the lecture right click on the page and save the page as html to your desktop or your specific folder, one you have saved the page as html then open the saved page in google chrome browser and this time right click and you will see the option to download the video to your local computer.

    3 – Open the udemy course in firefox browser right click on the course page and save the page as html, once you have clicked on save button a folder will be created within your desktop or downloads folder and the udemy video will be automatically download to that specific folder.

    I hope this will help you guys in download your udemy courses for offline viewing.

  2. I have signed up for many courses on Udemy platform during a short time and I have went right into both equally negative and positive contents. This seriously depends upon the instructors, although it can be very difficult to look for the quality of the training course coming from the udemy course review since it is almost always written by the intructors themselves. The udemy course reviews are extremely subjective. It is really great that udemy have a 30 day money back guarantee solution yet I have never used it.

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