Blockchain for Beginners

Blockchain for Beginners, Learn blockchain from its pillars. Boost your career.

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The course, sponsored by KubixLabs, is designed to help you understand blockchain technology, starting from fundamental concepts and progressing to more complex systems. I work in the field and publish videos on various platforms. Learning this technology with an engineering approach is essential if you aim to master the field in the future.

The course begins with basic concepts of cryptography and computer science before delving into the world of blockchain. You’ll learn how a blockchain operates in detail, how to interact with it, and how to choose it for your business case. The lessons aim to provide comprehensive and technically advanced training to individuals ready to dive into specifics and unafraid of computer or mathematical concepts. We’ll explore the nodes of a blockchain system, the reasoning behind certain design choices, and ultimately, how to evaluate a blockchain technology project. The lessons are packed with detailed explanations and meticulously curated resources on all topics for those eager to delve deeper. Of course, the course is accompanied by numerous exercises and quizzes to aid learning.

Boost your professional career in the blockchain industry with me. Last but certainly not least: the course is FREE. Spreading genuine knowledge in the industry is crucial given the lack of professionalism. I wish you a bright future.

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