Story telling for Early Childhood Period – Montessori way

Story telling for Early Childhood Period – Montessori way, Understanding the criteria for selecting the right stories for young children aged 2 years to 6 years.

This course is directed at parents, grandparents and teachers of young children who normally read stories to their children to spend some quality time with them. But reading stories is not just about spending time. In fact, reading stories contribute hugely to developing extensive vocabulary, the right pronunciation, comprehension, etc., which are so vital in the development of any language. All these skills are what will add up to when the child begins to read and write on his own.

But it is important to understand what type of stories should be selected for reading to children who are in the age-goup of 2 to 6 years. For children this age, you have to bear in mind their psychology. The children are not yet ready for fairy tales and mythological stories. They are still at the stage where they are understanding facts. Once the facts are strongly established, they will be ready to understand fairy tales and let their imagination build on the basis of the strong foundation built on facts.

In this lesson, the do’s and don’ts are clearly listed along with the reasons for the same. In this manner, you will have a clear understanding of why we choose or reject a particular story.

Besides, with the criteria clearly in place, I have also suggested how you may write your own little stories based on your children’s interests.

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