e-Learning Course on URBAN Design

e-Learning Course on URBAN Design, toward a better understanding of urban planning and design.

This course will give you an introduction to URBAN DESIGN. The course is intended for students who are new to URBAN DESIGN. The content promotes positive learning, and the course lectures, notes, and videos will help you understand planning and design better. It lays the groundwork for all future urban studies. This course delves into key substantive areas and concepts in urban and regional planning. By better understanding how and where we choose to live, we can begin to address global, regional, and local issues of unsustainable development priorities. This course provides a broad overview of social science theories and analysis methods for investigating how people, communities, and governments plan cities.

Uses theories and methods from a variety of social science disciplines. This course also introduces students to the scientific study of ecosystems, with a focus on how natural ecological systems function, how human activities affect these systems, and how constraints on these systems affect society.

The course will provide the following learning outcomes:

· Understanding the basics of Urban Design

· The role of Urban Design in Neighborhood Development

· Key framework for Sustainable neighborhood panning

· A recent trends in New Urbanism

· Key developments, innovations and debates in Urban Planning and Design.

· Exploring the role and impact of Urban Design

Each module that follows will be a self-contained graphical presentation of a group of ideas and visuals.

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