Portrait Retouching Using AI – Retouch in One Click

Portrait Retouching Using AI – Retouch in One Click, Learn the Future of Portrait Retouching by Using Modern AI Retouching Software That Retouch Portraits With Just 1 Click.

Course Description

Are you tired of retouching portrait manually for hours?

Isn’t it a slow, painful and frustrating process?

What if I told you that you can get the same results with just a single click!

Yes, you heard that right!

Welcome to the world of AI Portrait Retouching!

Modern AI Portrait Retouching software are completely changing the game of portrait retouching because they enable you to retouch your portraits with just a single click and give you exceptional quality.

They are making the following things obsolete:

  • The frustrating process of removing blemishes one by one using the spot healing brush tool
  • The frustrating process of separating frequencies to smoothen the skin
  • The frustrating process of manual painting for Dodge and Burn
  • The frustrating process of removing each stray hair using different tools

All of this can now be done with just a few clicks and moving of some sliders.

Here are the different AI Portrait Retouching software that we will be looking at in this course:

  • Evoto AI
  • Retouch4Me AI
  • Portrait Pro AI
  • Luminar Neo AI
  • Photoshop AI Neural Filters
  • Portraiture AI
  • Retouch Pro AI
  • ON1 Portrait AI
  • Luminar Neo AI
  • Creative Magic Panel AI

I will be giving you a detailed look into these software and how they work. You will be getting your hands on actual unedited studio shots of my clients so everything will be very practical.

I will be showing you what each software is capable of doing and then I will be ranking all of them on the following 10 parameters:

  1. Quality of Retouching
  2. Number of features
  3. Pricing
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Speed
  6. Owning vs Renting
  7. Quality of Free trial
  8. Photoshop Plugin Availability
  9. Focus on Portraits vs General
  10. Support

Once you learn how to use AI for portrait retouching, you will be able to save so much time and your productivity will shoot up like never before.

This means you will be able to serve more clients, whether you are a freelance portrait retoucher or a professional photographer.

So are you ready to embrace the future of retouching?

Sign up right now and let’s get started straight away!

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