Angelic Ho’oponopono Practitioner

Angelic Ho’oponopono Practitioner, The Manuscript : A secret Code to Recreate Your Destiny.


The Secret Code To Recreate Your Destiny – Brought to you by Living Spiritually.

As a spiritual traveler, I’m sure you are familiar with the Angelic realm and the power of Hawaiian Ho’oponopono.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phenomenal story of Dr. Hew Len, who with Ho’oponopono he has healed mental hospital patients remotely Thus, I hope that Dr. Hew Len’s story can help give us an idea of ​​how powerful this Angelic Ho’oponopono will be.

What Angelic Ho’oponopono is?

it’s an assimilation of the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono with the power of the Energetic Supra Archangels, mixed and applied with the ancient Javanese philosophy of “Narimo Ing Pandum” (NIP), thus making Angelic Ho’oponopono not only powerful as a philosophical “ritual” but also as a dignified lifestyle.

It is extremely powerful and effective spiritual tool belt to transform negativity into positivity, to manifest your life purpose, to clean up and ultimately reprogram our book of life, A K A Akashic Records, which are stored on the divine energy frequency level.

what will you find in this self-course? You will find a complete manuscript comprising of philosophy, a powerful ritual and guidelines on how to manifest your goals in daily life.

For more details, let me use a simple analogy “human beings as a computer”

The primary purpose of Ho’oponopono is to deep clean our Book of life record / data that stored in the universal cloud library on super high frequency level. Ho’oponopono is the key tool to tidying and rearrange, re programs the entire contents of from all kinds of viruses, junk mail, phishing, outdated and useless programs. It doesn’t matter where it came from, or who sent the virus, the most important thing is that we clean it.

As with any computer, once you clean it and install a new antivirus, you’ll find its power back and functioning better

In order to achieve this goal effectively, we need to increase our own vibration level by empowering the energetic supra archangel as a vibratory booster.

To keep our computers organized, virus and malware free, we need to protect them, and treat them with a profound management system, namely NIP.

By the end of this Self Course, you will have mastered all three elements. The perfect trinity tool to build a superb quality of life holistically, where body and soul are fulfilled. Healthy body, Mindfulness mind – enlightened soul. I call these three trinities the Tridatu, the pillars of living spiritually.

So, for all of you who have taken the step to join this self course, let me greet you with love and deep gratitude. You will find fundamentals, essentials and practical guides to, which you can learn at your own place and time.

Through this course, you are creating a never-ending compassion loop— owing to the royalties from her books for support Orphanages and Children’s NGOs.

Looking forward to seeing you inside,

Much love & Many Blessings

Living Spiritually Team

Zen Toronto – Author – Spiritualist – Founder of Angelic Ho’oponopono

Able Toronto – Trainer – Voiceover Artist

Erik Saputra – Video Creator

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