Vocal Recording Course: How To Record Vocals Fast [NEW]

Vocal Recording Course: How To Record Vocals Fast [NEW], Recording Beginner Course: Learn How to Record Vocals Fast & Easy From Home + Templates (Total Value: Over 67 Dollar)!.

Vocal Recording Course With Fl Studio – How To Record Vocals Fast in the next 30 Minutes:

Recording Beginner Course: Learn How to Record Vocals Fast & Easy From Home + Templates (Total Value: Over 67 Dollar)!

Learn how to Record Your Own Vocals From Home: A Step-By-Step Guide for Up Coming Artists!

+++ Learn How To Record Your Vocals Fast in FL Studio – Beginner Course +++

This is the perfect FL Studio Vocal Recording Beginner Course for you:

Become a Recording Artist in the next 30 Minutes & Learn How to Create A Full Song from Start to Finish with Ease like the Professionals. With this Beginner Course you will get the knowledge to quickly create your own Song in Fl Studio From Scratch today.

The most important Benefits: Why You Need this Vocal Recording Course?

I know it is hard to start to record vocals properly. A lot of artist and our artist for which we are producing many years can confirm this. We want to make it as easy as possible to find a good starting point in a young artist career.

Look, I discovered the secret of all these new wave up-coming artist and the important steps which were necessary to make full song easily. I’m glad that I can finally share this secrets with you, so you can become 10x FASTER a vocal recording artist with my easy to follow system which taught my students around the world, so they can use their vocals for their advantage when it comes to producing or creating full songs.

What’s inside?

  • 30 Minutes Fl Studio Vocal Recording Coaching Videos
  • 10x HD Quality Videos
  • Our Template to Record Vocals Fast in Fl Studio 20.9
  • & more!

In this beginner video course you will learn how to record your own vocals with ease.

The course is amazing for beginners as it will increase your knowledge of vocal recording in Fl Studio.

You will become a artist today!

This Course contains 7 Modules:

(1) The first Module contains the Vocal Recording Course Introduction where you get essential tips before you should record your Vocals.

(2) The second Module contains the introduction to the best equipment for a good recording result, and also the best settings for your recordings.

(3) In the third Module you will learn how to prepare everything in FL Studio From Scratch before Recording.

(4) In the fourth Module you will learn how to record your Vocals in tge latest FL Studio 20 version.

(5) In the fifth Module you will learn how to export your final Project. So you will learn how to export your project as a high quality wav file. You will also learn how to export the trackouts to your track (with and without effects).

(6) In the sixth Module you will get The Template For Vocal Recording in FL Studio. We are using this template for our artist, so you can create 10x faster your songs. Everything is setup for you, so you can literally open up the project template and start to record.

(7) The seventh Module contains a Bonus Video where you will learn how to use a vocal preset quickly, and how this vocal presets changes can change your raw vocals. You will also get in this module all the resources from the course, just in case you missed it.

All in all this beginner course will show you the full recording process from scratch. The Xcaler Beats members have used this Vocal Template Project in order to make a lot of songs very fast. This course outlines the exact method of Vocal Recording from scratch (step by step).

Contains in Detail

  • 2x PDF With Equipment List, Starter Tipps, Vocal Template Download
  • 1x FL Studio Project File (as Download in the PDF) For Your Recording Process.
  • Step By Step Tutorial Videos that visually show you the full recording process with a lot of tips and tricks

All Course Modules:

  1. Module: Vocal Recording From Home In 30 Minutes – Introduction
  2. Module: Vocal Recording – Equipment & Settings For The best Results
  3. Module: Vocal Recording Preparation With FL Studio From Scratch
  4. Module: Vocal Recording: How to Record Your Vocals From Home
  5. Module: Vocal Recording – Export Your Final Project
  6. Module: 10x Your Vocal Recording Process With Our Template [+ DOWNLOAD ]
  7. Module: Bonus – Vocal Recording Bonus – Show Case on How Presets can change Your Vocals Fast!


  1. Vocal Recording Template and Tips – Xcaler Beats.pdf
  2. Vocal Recording Equipment List – Xcaler Beats.pdf


  1. FL Studio 20+ Project – Premade Project to record your songs 10x faster.

    (You can find the project file template in the pdf “Vocal Recording Template and Tips – Xcaler Beats.pdf”)


Question: What if I’m just a beginner?

Answer: This course is perfect for you!! You will learn quickly how to record your Vocals from Home with FL Studio.

Question: Do I Need Third Party Plugins?

Answer: No. You can use your DAW native plugins. You maybe need a free autotune for the best result, but for this purpose i also inserted you a download link to a free autotune. I got you.

Question: Will this help me make to make my own full songs from start to finish?

Answer: Yes, of course. You will get in this course our FLP file, which is our Vocal Recording Template, so you can record yourself right away with this template very fast. Simply insert your beat into it, and start to record yourself.

Question: Can I 100% make after the course my own full songs?

Answer: Yes, of course. After this very quick course, you have the knowledge and ability to record your own vocals from scratch. And with our Vocal Recording Template you will be 10x Faster with recording. So this whole course is only a “win in your list”!

Question: Does this course covers Mixing & Mastering?

Answer: In this course you will learn how to use Fl Studio For Audio especially Vocal Recording From Start to Finish. Means there will be some mixing effect over your vocals as a “default preset” according to our Vocal Recording Template. Mixing & Mastering is always the next step on the ladder and is at a higher level. But after you have recorded your vocals over a beat, you can start to mix it on your own Vocals, or get some mixing presets (Vocals Presets) according to your favorite artist from e.g. our website. Then your Vocals will be good to go. Then you only need a mastering. We are having also a mastering preset kit on our website. Or of course you can export your track as wav trackouts, and send them to your audio engineer, then he will mix and master your full track. So you have a lot of options here, feel free to choose however you like, i trust that you will make the best decision for your next hit song.

Question: Is this a course only with FL Studio?

Answer: Yes, we show you everything from the beginning with FL Studio. We are using FL Studio 20 and the latest Version of FL Studio 20.9.  We show you how to get the most out of your DAW.

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