PRO Ads Academy: Ultimate Guide to Sell Anything with Ads

PRO Ads Academy: Ultimate Guide to Sell Anything with Ads, Turn Ads into Revenue Magnets: SMMA, PPC, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media & Boost ROI with ChatGPT.

Course Description

SMMA – Transform Your Marketing Skills with PRO Ads Academy

Are you ready to become a master of digital advertising? Say goodbye to mediocre campaigns and hello to game-changing strategies with PRO Ads Academy. Our comprehensive course is your ticket to dominating the digital space.

What You’ll Master:

  1. The PRO Ads Academy System: Dive deep into audience analysis, crafting irresistible offers, designing funnels, and creating ads that convert.
  2. Ads Funnel Mastery: Learn the ins and outs of successful sales funnels, from building relationships to converting leads into loyal customers.
  3. Audience Identification: Unlock the secrets to defining and connecting with your perfect audience.
  4. Budget and Calendar Planning: Master the art of efficient budgeting and scheduling for maximum impact.
  5. Creative Genius: Unleash your creativity with compelling ad creatives that captivate and convert.
  6. Platform Proficiency: Become a pro in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, crafting campaigns that resonate and engage.
  7. Pixel and Custom Conversions: Harness the power of data tracking for targeted remarketing and optimized conversions.
  8. Audience Segmentation: Expertly segment your audience for personalized and effective campaigns.
  9. Campaign Mastery: From awareness to conversion, master various campaign goals tailored to your business needs.
  10. Remarketing Strategies: Learn to retarget effectively, turning visitors into loyal customers.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: Learn to craft campaigns that not only reach but resonate with your audience.
  • Increased ROI: Maximize your ad spend with strategies that convert leads into sales.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Understand and utilize data to refine your campaigns continually.
  • Creative Confidence: Develop the skills to create ads that capture attention and inspire action.
  • Platform Proficiency: Navigate and master various ad platforms with ease and expertise.
  • Elevated SMMA Skills: Gain the expertise to lead in the social media marketing agency space.
  • Expertise in Digital Marketing: Enhance your digital marketing prowess, ensuring your campaigns deliver maximum impact.
  • Mastery of Social Media Ads: Become proficient in crafting and managing high-performing Instagram and Facebook ads.
  • Strategic Advertising Know-How: Develop strategic insights to navigate the competitive landscape of digital advertising.
  • Real-World Marketing Success: Apply what you learn to achieve real-world success in the realm of social media marketing.

PRO Ads Academy, the ultimate destination for mastering social media marketing advertisement (SMMA) and digital marketing. Whether you’re aspiring to run a successful social media marketing agency or elevate your advertising skills, our course is tailored for you.

What PRO Ads Academy Offers:

  1. Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies: Learn the essentials of digital marketing to boost your advertising effectiveness.
  2. SMMA Fundamentals: Understand the core principles of running a successful social media marketing agency.
  3. Instagram and Facebook Ads Mastery: Dive deep into creating compelling Instagram and Facebook ads that engage and convert.
  4. Advanced Advertising Techniques: Discover advanced strategies to take your advertising skills to the next level.
  5. Free Digital Marketing Course Resources: Benefit from additional free digital marketing course materials to complement your learning.
  6. Agency-Grade Campaigns: Learn how to develop and execute campaigns like a top-tier digital marketing agency.
  7. Data-Driven Audience Engagement: Master the art of connecting with your audience using data-driven insights.
  8. Creative Ad Designing: Unleash your creativity in designing ads that stand out on social media platforms.
  9. ROI Maximization: Learn tactics to maximize return on investment for your marketing efforts.
  10. Effective Remarketing Strategies: Explore advanced remarketing strategies to keep your brand top of mind.

Join PRO Ads Academy today and embark on a journey to redefine your digital marketing and advertising skills. Enroll now and be part of the new era of social media marketing experts!

Here’s the organized and numbered outline for the “PRO Ads Academy” course:

Module 1: Introduction

  1. Welcome to Ads Academy
  2. The PRO Ads Academy System

Module 2: The Ads Funnel

  1. What is the Ads Funnel and why is it important for your business
  2. Case Study: How a real funnel looks like
  3. Case Study: How big companies are building winner funnels
  4. ACTIVITY: Brainstorm your Ads funnel
  5. MailerLite: Signing up for MailerLite
  6. MailerLite: Creating your landing page & success page
  7. MailerLite: Creating your email sequence

Module 3: The Audience

  1. What is an Audience and why is it important for you
  2. Defining your Audience – 3 main categories
  3. How to define your audience if you are starting from scratch
  4. Activity: Define your audience
  5. Hot vs Cold vs Look-Alike audiences
  6. Your next steps for building your audience

Module 4: Ads planning – Budget and Calendar

  1. Defining your Ads calendar
  2. Ads Budget: Planning how much to invest in Ads
  3. Spreadsheet – Ads Budget & Traffic Planning

Module 5: Ads planning – Ads Creatives

  1. What is an Ad Creative
  2. Elements of a successful Ad creative
  3. Ads Creative formats & sizes
  4. Spying your competitor’s Ads campaigns
  5. How to create Professional Ads Creative for Free
  6. Activity: Creating your Ads Creative

Module 6: Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads: First Steps

  1. What’s the goal of your Facebook Campaigns
  2. Understanding the Facebook & Instagram Ads structure
  3. Facebook: Ad Account Creation and Setup
  4. Configuring your billing options
  5. Setting up your Facebook Page
  6. Adding permissions to Ad Account and Pages
  7. Linking your Instagram account to the Meta Business Suite
  8. How to contact Facebook Ads support

Module 7: Facebook Pixel and Custom Conversions

  1. Facebook Pixel: Introduction
  2. Facebook Pixel: Creating and Installing your Facebook Pixel
  3. Facebook Pixel: Verifying if the Pixel is working correctly
  4. Facebook Pixel: Where to install the Pixel Events
  5. Facebook Pixel Events: Installing Pixel events on your website
  6. Facebook Pixel: Testing your Pixel events
  7. iOS 14 UPDATE
  8. Registering your Domain on Facebook
  9. Creating your Custom Conversions on Facebook
  10. Adding Custom Conversions to your Domain

Module 8: Facebook Audiences

  1. Introduction: 6 types of audience segmentation
  2. Custom Audience: Website visitors
  3. Custom Audience: Customers list
  4. Custom Audience: App Activity
  5. Custom Audience: Video views
  6. Custom Audience: Instagram
  7. Custom Audience: Facebook Page
  8. Lookalike Audience
  9. Detailed Targeting (interest audiences)
  10. Geolocation
  11. Demographic segmentations

Module 9: Facebook Campaigns: First steps

  1. Campaign Goals Overview
  2. Campaign Goals: Awareness objectives
  3. Campaign Goals: Consideration objectives
  4. Campaign Goals: Sales OR Conversion
  5. Budget – CBO and ABO
  6. Ad Sets hierarchy in your campaigns
  7. Audience Exclusion
  8. Ads Placements
  9. Ads configuration

Module 10: Facebook: Creating specific campaigns

  1. Hands-on: Creating Campaigns – Conversions & Lead generation
  2. Creating Campaigns: Instant forms & Lead generation
  3. Creating Campaigns: Content distribution
  4. Creating Campaigns: Other campaign goals
  5. Creating Campaigns: Messages (WhatsApp, Messenger & Direct)
  6. Creating Campaigns: Instagram Followers

Module 11: Facebook & Instagram Remarketing

  1. Introduction to Facebook & Instagram Remarketing
  2. Creating an optimized Remarketing campaign
  3. Audience hierarchy for Remarketing
  4. Facebook & Instagram: Creating Remarketing Audiences
  5. Facebook & Instagram: Creating a Remarketing Campaign
  6. How to Optimize your Remarketing Campaigns

Module 12: Facebook & Instagram: Ads optimization

  1. Optimizing your campaign budget on Facebook
  2. Optimizing Audience on Facebook
  3. Optimizing Ads on Facebook
  4. Campaign Structure optimization
  5. Performance spreadsheets

Module 13: Google Ads & YouTube Ads: First steps

  1. Welcome to the Google Ads section
  2. What is Google Ads and why it’s important for your business
  3. Google: Ad Account Creation and Setup

Module 14: Google Ads: Creating Successful Google Ads Campaigns

  1. The Top 3 Elements of Your Campaigns

Module 15: Google Ads Keywords: Your Ad Success Starts Here

  1. What are keywords and why are they essential?
  2. Finding top keywords for your business with Google Keyword Planner
  3. How do you decide which keywords to target for your ads?

Module 16: Google Ads: Structure of Google Ads Campaigns

  1. Mastering the Structure of Google Ads Campaigns

Module 17: Google Ads: Planning your Google Ads campaigns

  1. Creating a plan for super optimized campaigns
  2. How to plan a super optimized and irresistible Ad

Module 18: Google Search Ads: Your ads in front of millions of people on Google

  1. What are Search Ads on Google Ads
  2. Setting up the Search campaign on Google Ads
  3. Setting up the Ads group on Google Ads
  4. Creating optimized Google Search Ads
  5. Managing campaigns created on Google Ads

Module 19: Google Display Ads: Placing Your Ads on Google Partner Sites

  1. What are Display Network Ads on Google Ads
  2. Creating professional images for your Google Ads Display Ads
  3. Creating the Google Display Ad Campaign
  4. Creating optimized Display Ads on Google

Module 20: YouTube Ads: Millions of views for a few cents

  1. What are YouTube ads and why they are important for your business
  2. Planning an optimized video for your YouTube Ad
  3. Easy ways to create a video Ad
  4. Creating a Google Ads Video campaign
  5. Setting up the Google Ads Video ad group
  6. Creating optimized YouTube video ads

Module 21: Google Ads Extensions: Boosting your click-through rates up to 30%

  1. Optimizing ads with ad extensions on Google Ads
  2. Important information about Google Ads Extensions
  3. Selecting the right ad extension for your business
  4. Ad Extensions – SiteLinks
  5. Ad Extensions – Callout
  6. Ad Extensions – Structured Snippets
  7. Ad Extensions – Call Extension
  8. Ad Extensions – Lead Extension
  9. Ad Extensions – Location Extension
  10. Ad Extensions – Price Extension
  11. Ad Extensions – Promotion Extensions
  12. Analyzing the performance of your Ad Extensions

Module 22: Google Ads Campaign Conversions: How to Know Where Every Penny Is Going

  1. What Conversions are and why they are important for your business
  2. Conversion Rate and Cost per Conversion on Google Ads
  3. Creating and configuring conversions on Google Ads
  4. Installing Google Ads Tag code on your website for conversions
  5. Creating and setting up Google Ads Call conversions

Module 23: Google Ads: Mastering Google Ads Bidding Strategies

  1. How Google Ads auction works
  2. Manual bids vs automatic bids
  3. Types of Bids on Google Ads
  4. Increasing your bids to specific locations on Google Ads
  5. Raising your bids for specific devices on Google Ads
  6. Setting days and hours to show your ads on Google Ads

Module 24: Google Ads Remarketing: The Most Profitable Ad Strategy

  1. What is remarketing and why it’s important for your business
  2. Defining target audience sources for remarketing on Google Ads
  3. Remarketing on your website: Creating a list of people who visited your website
  4. YouTube Remarketing: Creating List of People Who Have Viewed Your Videos on YouTube
  5. Creating an Optimized Remarketing Campaign on Google Ads

Module 25: Google Ads: Data Analysis & Reporting

  1. Reports on Google Ads
  2. Creating your Custom Reports on Google Ads
  3. Report Submitting Reports Automatically to you via email

Module 26: Your Ad account was disabled. This is how to fix it.

  1. Facebook Ad Account Blocking
  2. Google Ad Account Blocking

Module 27: Conclusion

  1. Congratulations

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