Marketing Commandments 101

Marketing Commandments 101, Marketing is not magic, its a skill.

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All specialists, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, creative people, and producers of anything generally dread marketing. Marketing, we might think, is a talent or a gift—it’s not! Marketing is an art and a science that can be learned, a skill that can be acquired and then mastered.

This short presentation is intended as a primer to help us all overcome the fear of the unknown, at least as far as marketing is concerned. This is a prelude to a full-fledged marketing primer where we debunk the art and science of marketing to help begin ‘an exciting marketing journey’ for all.

Imagine transforming your approach to marketing from daunting to doable. Imagine having the confidence to promote your work, knowing you have the tools and knowledge to connect with your audience effectively. Marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating; it can be a powerful ally in your success story.

Join us and embark on a journey where we demystify marketing, turning it into an accessible, understandable, and even enjoyable skill. Let’s overcome the fear of marketing together and unlock your potential to make a greater impact with your work. With the right guidance, you can master marketing and achieve your goals like never before.

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