Growth Hacking Course: Learn the Process and Growth Hacks

Growth Hacking Course: Learn the Process and Growth Hacks, Learn the growth hacking process + Many growth hacks for sales and marketing. Start executing growth hacks immediately.

Course Description

Let’s get growth hacking! This course will teach you the growth hacking process and also many growth hacks for sales and marketing. I believe the process and concepts are key to making your own hacks and the hacks included in the course are useful to get you started and start executing immediately.

This course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for low-budget yet scalable ways to grow their business
  • Digital marketing teams as well as agencies looking to execute alternative methods for growth and achieving targets
  • Digital marketers who want to improve their current skillset
  • Sales and marketing teams who want to improve ROI
  • Anyone else who is interested in exploring what growth hacking is all about!

The Growth Hacking course is organized into 2 sections:

  1. THE CONCEPTS – This includes all the fundamentals as well as the process you need to know to understand the what, how, and why of growth hacking.
  2. THE HACKS – This section includes multiple hacks that you can execute right away to enter the world of a growth hacker and start becoming one yourself immediately.

Let’s understand the WHY of Growth Hacking a little here:

Why do you I need to learn Growth Hacking?

  • You don’t have big marketing budgets to spend
  • You don’t want to spend on ads forever
  • You don’t want to wait for years for organic results
  • You want to improve ROI on your efforts
  • You want faster and better results with lesser budgets
  • You want to automate your marketing processes
  • You want to try unconventional ways of growth
  • You want to build a specific marketing skill
  • You want to acquire the hottest skill of the future
  • You want to work with a startup
  • You are a startup and your investor will love to see a growth hacking process
  • You just want to get new customers but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to generate leads fast without paying for them

What’s special about this course?
Growth hacking has always been portrayed in the wrong light and this is because of the way it is being showcased in the “growth hacking” courses that you have been doing till now which is all about the shortcuts and the tricks and never about the growth mindsetframeworks, and processes.

This course combined both aspects and much more.

This section is organized into 8 lessons. It’s all actionable, hands-on, and EXECUTION-READY!:

  • Growth Hacking Concepts
  • 10 Commandments of Growth Hacking
  • Growth Hacking Glossary
  • Actionable Growth Hacking Workflows
  • The Growth Hacking Process
  • How to Prioritize Your Growth Hacking Campaigns
  • Rules of Growth Hacking Execution
  • Growth Hacking Analytics

The HACKS section:

This section includes growth hacks you can execute immediately with easy to follow step-by-step video tutorials.

Consider these as just a demo of what all you can do with growth hacking. I’m including my hacks here just to give you a taste of how cool and effective and scalable the execution of growth hacking is! With what you’ve learned in the concepts section + what you’ve executed in the hacks section, you’re ready to take on new growth hacking experiments on your own.

And for that, I wish you all the best as a growth hacker!

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