First customer for your digital marketing service

First customer for your digital marketing service, Start to sell your digital marketing skills.

Course Description

When you have some marketing skills, you need to know how to sell these skills to customers or employers.

In most cases, people are waiting, when the customers to come and buy their marketing services. This strategy is a big mistake.

In today’s very competitive world, it is not enough to be a marketing expert. Also, you should know how to sell yourself and your skills.

That is why we create this course that allows you to find your first customer without any marketing budget. The course program is designed specifically for people who just started a marketing career and don’t have any customers.

You will use the assets that you already have, even if you don’t realize it. All people have an asset.

In this course, we will cover such topics as:

  • How to find your first customers for your service
  • How to use your network
  • How to get customers using the technic “Can you give me advice?”
  • How to use your social networks
  • How to post engaging content on your Instagram
  • How to find customers among your followers, phone book, friends
  • How to be a master of storytelling

Additional content №1

Sales script template that converts every third customer

Additional content 2

Storytelling script that is used in all Hollywood movies (downloadable file)

Additional content 3

how to create a perfect commercial proposal (downloadable file)

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