POWER BI, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service ,Power Apps and Power Automate.

Course Description

  • Introduction
    • What is Power Platform?
    • What are the products of Power Platform?
      • Power BI
      • Power Apps
      • Power Automate
      • Power Virtual Agents
    • What are the different BI tools available?
    • Why Power BI? Why not other BI tools like (Tableau/OBIEE/Cognos/SAP-BO/ … etc)
    • What are the Products of Power BI (Power BI Desktop/ Power BI Pro / Power BI Premium / Power BI Mobile / Power BI Embedded / Power BI Report Server)
    • What is Power BI Desktop?
      • What is Power Query ?
      • What is Power Pivot ?
      • What is Power View ?
      • What is Power Maps ?
    • What is Power BI Service?
    • What is Power BI Mobile?
    • What is M-Language?
    • What is DAX?
  • Data Warehousing Concepts
    • What is OLTP?
    • What is Data warehouse
    • Difference between OLTP Vs OLAP
    • Difference among Primery Key/Foriegn Key/Surrogate Key
    • Types of Tables
      • Dimension Tables
      • Fact Tables
    • Types of Schemas
      • Star Schema
      • Snow Flake Schema
      • Mixed Schema
  • Power BI Desktop
    • Introduction to Power BI Desktop
    • Power BI Desktop Components
      • Power Query Editor
      • Power Pivot
      • Power View

        Power BI Desktop – Power Query Editor

        • Connecting to new Source
          • File Connections (Excel,CSV,XML,JSON,Folder … etc)
          • Connecting to Databases (MySql,MSSqlServer,Access dtatabase,…etc)
          • Cloud Connections(SnowFlake Database, Azure SQL Database … etc)
          • Online Connections(Web,Github,Linkedin … etc)
        • Types of Connections
          • Import
          • Direct
          • Live Connection
        • Importing Tables –
        • Basic Transformations
          • Changing datatypes
          • replacing nulls with zero
          • concatnating columns
          • Computing new columns from available columns
          • spliting columns
          • renameing columns
          • observing transformation steps
          • understanding M-Language
          • Computed columns/calculations
        • M-Language
          • About Let and In
          • Single Line comments in M-language
          • Multi line comments in M-language
          • How to write M-language code in multiple lines
          • Change Steps in Query settings and observe in M-language
          • Change M-language and observe Query Setting Steps
          • Build Query using M-Language Script from Blank Query
        • Combine Queries
          • Append
            • Learn SQL Queries of union ,Union all,Minus
            • Prove Power BI Append is equal to Union all


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