IoT – Complete Introduction Course

IoT – Complete Introduction Course, Topics Covered – IoT, IoT components, Real-life Examples, Intro of IoT boards (Arduino ESP8266 Raspberry pi), Sensor, etc.

This course is designed to make a strong foundation and prepare students to grow their careers in the field of IoT ( Internet of Things )

Apart from the video lectures, This course has Articles on each and every topic which help students to understand better.

The quiz is designed to assist students to increase their knowledge about every topic.     

This course is fully focused on giving students knowledge about IoT boards, sensors, actuators, and their components so that students can learn everything about IoT technology.

And we have discussed the Real-life example of IoT ( Internet of Things ) so that you can connect and understand more about IoT ( Internet of Things )

This course will help students to learn so much about IoT Technology and its components.

In this course you will learn about the following things:

IoT & Its components with its Example then we will discuss Real-life examples of IoT, and then we will cover advantages and disadvantages of the Internet of Things and discuss different types of IoT Boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU (ESP8266).

and after that, we will cover Sensors and it’s types and after that, we will talk about Actuators and it’s types

Teaching Methodology Highlights:

1) Professionally authored and edited lectures for serious and easy learning

2) Easy presentation style, with power points !!

3) Generous use of technology-enabled teaching products to enhance learning outcome

4) Carefully planned and sequenced small lectures most of them under 3 min many under 2 min.

5) Guaranteed learning in every lecture!

6) Generous descriptions for each lecture and Section

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