Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform, The Fundamentals of Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture.

Our world is quickly becoming one that is more reliant on technology than ever before. It seems that there are always new apps, gadgets, and programs for all of our needs on platforms like Google Cloud Platform. And now, with this quick guide to Google Cloud Platform Courses, it’s easier than ever to start building your own skillset in the field of Information Technology.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a platform that provides over 90 information technology services(also known as products.)In this course, you will learn how to build and manage scalable applications by leveraging Google Cloud Platform services. This is an introductory course that covers Google Cloud Platform’s networking, storage, analytics, machine learning, and build tools. You’ll also gain hands-on experience building and deploying a fully functional web application on the Google Cloud Platform.

Gain in-depth knowledge of Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture to prepare for the Google Cloud Platform Certified Professional Exam.

Course Components:

The course provides students with a broad overview of the Google Cloud Platform. Students will learn how to create and manage applications with Google Cloud Platform and will also learn how to leverage Google Cloud Storage. Students will also learn how to deploy and manage web apps with Google App Engine.

Monitoring and management:

Students will learn how to monitor and manage the Google Cloud Platform using Google Stackdriver. In addition,

Why you should take this course?

  • Gain an introduction to Google Cloud Platform and the Google Cloud Platform API Library
  • Learn how to develop and deploy web applications using the Google App Engine
  • Learn how to integrate Google Cloud Storage into your applications
  • Learn how to create a data migration
  • Learn the difference between Google Drive and Google  Cloud

Why you should try the Google PCloud Platform?

  1. We must address Windows Server licenses and Windows SQL license fees. As a result, it’s very helpful that Google Cloud includes license costs in your monthly fees. You don’t need a leading SQL Server license before your second customer.
  2. Users have a choice in how they use technology and have control over their data in apps like Google. If they decide to stop using the app, they are able to get data from Google cloud.
  3. Users can access information through web-based apps powered by Google cloud from anywhere on the planet.
  4. Google makes efficient investments in physical security systems that customers can choose to use. Google uses its robust regulatory history to provide support to investors in the form of physical security systems.
  5. Google Marketplace boasts significantly cheaper site hosting, thanks to its proprietary operating systems and tools. Simple and efficient. Pay-per-second, custom VMs, automatic discounts,

    flexible buy-in-bulk discounts.


  • Learn how to monitor and manage Google Cloud Platform using Google Stackdriver.

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