Getting Started with Power BI: A Basic Course for Beginners

Getting Started with Power BI: A Basic Course for Beginners, Embark on a journey to master the basics of Power BI, Microsoft’s powerful data visualization tool.

Course Description

Welcome to ‘Getting Started with Power BI: A Basic Course for Beginners,’ a practical guide to mastering Power BI in six key stages. Designed for absolute beginners, this course demystifies data visualization and analysis with Power BI, Microsoft’s dynamic business intelligence tool.

Stage 1 – Connecting to a Data Source: Begin by learning how to connect Power BI to various data sources, laying the foundation for all your data visualization projects.

Stage 2 – Data Cleaning Using Power Query Editor: Delve into data cleaning, where you’ll use the Power Query Editor to refine and prepare your data for analysis.

Stage 3 – Data Modeling: Discover the art of creating relationships between different datasets, a crucial step in building effective data models.

Stage 4 – DAX Formulas: Unlock the potential of DAX formulas to perform complex calculations, enhancing your data analysis capabilities.

Stage 5 – Visualization and Bookmarks: Learn how to transform your data into insightful visualizations and use bookmarks to build interactive, user-friendly reports.

Stage 6 – Publishing onto Power BI Service: Conclude by publishing your reports onto the Power BI Service, sharing your insights with others.

With this step-by-step approach, ensuring you gain confidence and proficiency in using Power BI for your data analysis needs.

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