Enterprise Thinking for Information Technology Professionals

Enterprise Thinking for Information Technology Professionals, Understanding Relationships Across the Critical Components of Your Organization.

Course Description

This course has been developed as a response to gaps observed in the way technology subject matter experts work. Stringent KPIs, competitive postures and plain old politics are typically strong influencers in the way IT units deliver their work in large organization. Technology experts tend to compete, be defensive and generally work in silos failing to grasp the big picture in the role of IT within an enterprise. In order to escalate the value add of IT, it is important for techies to see the big picture, work more collaboratively and understand business and IT alignment.

In this course, we shall touch on the importance of cross-functional roles, the practice of enterprise architecture, the relationship among people, process, technology and data as well as how decisions impacting multiple components within an organization are made. We shall delve into definitions, value and practical applications of such concepts as Enterprise Thinking, Enterprise Architecture, EA Frameworks, Cross-functional Processes, The Four Dimensions and more.

At the end of this course, the student will have a much broader understanding of the role of IT within an organization and develop the frame of mind necessary to grow beyond working in silos to a more holistic view of information technology and how they fit in. All information technology professionals working in the modern workplace need to have a good understanding of the concepts shared in this course.

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