Developing and Hosting a Short Lived Website for a Free

Developing and Hosting a Short Lived Website for a Free, Installing SSL certificate for Spring Boot web application.

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Nowadays so many tools and technologies are available which can be used for free for a limited amount of time. Sometimes it becomes a requirement to create a short-lived secure web application for constrained budget events or something else. So this is the right course that has the above-mentioned requirement. In this course, learning will learn how to clone the spring boot project into the Eclipse IDE. The project is already available on the Git repository. The spring boot application will be deployed to the AWS EC2 instance to make it publicly available. You require to have your own AWS credentials. Traffic capture can be done using a utility like Wireshark; hence the publicly available web application needs secure communication, hence self-signed certificate creation is taught. To create a self-signed certificate ketol utility of JDK is used. The deployed application is accessible through an IP address which is no the proper way to make the application public. Freenom is used to get free domain registration. The self-signed certificate is not authorized hence free SSL certificate will be created on ZeroSSL. OpenSSL is used to convert the certificate generated by ZeroSSL into the PKCS format. The certificate generated from ZeroSSL is authorized and can work with the spring boot application.

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