Azure Pipelines/AppService/StaticWebApp/ASPNET Core/Angular

Azure Pipelines/AppService/StaticWebApp/ASPNET Core/Angular, Deploy your Angular Application to Azure Static Web Apps. Deploy your ASP NETCore API to Azure App Service. Azure AKS.

Course Description

The purpose of this course is help a Full Stack developer deploy its Fronted Angular Application and Backend ASP .NET Core Application to Azure. Even if you have written your SPA in a different Framework/library like React or View, you will still be able to use this course, only the build command within the frontend pipeline will change. If your backend API has a different ASP NET Core version of .NET Framework the build steps will still work.

I will walk you step by step through creating an Azure App Service, create an Azure Service Connection and then add the required steps in the azure pipeline yaml file in order to Build and Deploy your ASP NET Core app to the created App Service.

I will also walk you through creating an Azure Static Web app and then add the necessary steps into the Azure Pipeline in order to Build and Deploy an Angular App as a Static Web App in Azure.

The final section of the course walks you thorugh creating an Azure Kubernetes Cluster and then using Azure pipelines you will deploy an ASP NET Core API to the Cluster.

This course will not give you in depth explanations into all the concepts of Azure Pipelines or Azure resources, the main idea is to get you going quickly into deploying your apps to Azure. I will add later to this course more advanced concepts from Azure Pipelines, allowing multiple environments.

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