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Nuts & Bolts of Capital Markets, Fundamental Knowledge| Equities| Fixed Income| Derivatives| FX | Futures & Options | and many more.

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Securities traded in Capital Market include stocks, bonds, debentures, etc. The maturity period of securities in the Capital Market is more than one year or irredeemable (i.e., without maturity).

Two major categories split the Capital Market.

  1. Primary Market: The Primary Market, also known as the IPO Market, is where the public subscribes to newly issued securities. It also encompasses the issuance of additional capital by companies whose shares are already listed on stock exchanges. Different types of intermediaries operate in this market to assist in completing transactions. Some of the critical intermediaries are Merchant Bankers, Brokers, Debenture trustees, Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Registrar to Issue, Share Transfer Agents, etc. SEBI regulates all of these intermediaries.
  2. Secondary Market: A market where already-issued securities are traded among investors. In this market, an investor purchases a security from another investor rather than the issuer after the original issuance in the primary market.

Beginners Course in financial market, it covers Capital Market, Money Market, Debts, Equity, Bonds Debentures,Budgetary Analysis,Risk & its management. This is designed to provide basic insight about existence and working of Financial markets and system. Capital Market is a comprehensive video course where you can learn fundamental knowledge about capital markets that would help you in finding value within the market to maximize your earning potential. Acquire core fundamental knowledge on the different aspects of the capital market as well as basic analysis on the market to analyze value of investment instruments as well as noticing important trends. Learn basic concepts of the different capital market components as well as the basics of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and market sentiment. I will also go over a list of very powerful tools that helps you in your market analysis. This list of powerful tools allows you to get free fundamental analysis, technical analysis, sentimental analysis and market momentum analysis. If you are an investor who are interested in learning the fundamentals about capital markets, you will find this course of great help to get the fundamental knowledge and analysis tools you need to enhance the earnings for your investments.

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