Reversing Diabetes : Taking full Control of Your Health

Reversing Diabetes : Taking full Control of Your Health, Reversal of Diabetes type 2.

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Tired of letting diabetes control your life?

Ready to finally take charge of your health and reverse this disease for good?

Remission is rarely recorded but evidence does exist. For example, a US study found remissions in only 0.14% of 120,000 patients followed for seven years, while the Scottish Care Information Diabetes database, which includes every patient in Scotland, shows that less than 0.1% of those with type 2 diabetes were coded as being in remission. Consistent evidence shows that weight loss is associated with extended life expectancy for people with diabetes, and that weight loss of around 15 kg often produces total remission of type 2 diabetes.

You CAN improve dependence on insulin and medications – naturally and permanently – with the step-by-step guidance in Reversing Diabetes 2 and taking the Roadmap to Wellness.

In this comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guide, leading clinician Dr Kumar reveals the scientifically proven lifestyle changes that target diabetes at its root causes.

We will master together:

The clinically tested eating plan to stabilize blood sugar and shed fat fast

When to properly time meals, carbs, proteins and fats for optimal effect

How specific exercises and activities make your cells insulin sensitive again

The micronutrients and supplements that work synergistically to regulate glucose

Stress reduction techniques to minimize glucose-elevating hormones

Advanced home blood sugar monitoring tactics you need to know

Inspiring success stories of real people who reversed diabetes

With Dr. Kumar’s customizable plan, you CAN:

– Control dependence on insulin injections and pills

– Steadily lower A1c into the prediabetes or normal range

– Eliminate worry about heart attacks, blindness, kidney failure and amputations

– Reclaim boundless energy, healthy weight and zest for life

Reversing Diabetes provides the proven diabetes way you’ve been searching for. Now you can seize control of your health and live smarter, not harder.

More freedom from endless blood sugar checks, strict diets, and advancing complications is within your grasp. With motivation and persistence, you will succeed in eliminating this disease for good!

Get your copy today and prepare for a better future!

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