Mastering Pharmaceutical Calculations

Mastering Pharmaceutical Calculations, A Guide to Pass Pharmacy Calculation License Exams GPhC, KAPS, PEBC, NAPLEX.

Course Description

Pharmaceutical Calculations is a comprehensive course designed for pharmacists, trainee pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians who seek to develop the necessary skills to accurately perform calculations in the pharmaceutical industry. This course will equip learners with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to perform calculations in a professional and accurate manner.

The course will start with an introduction to basic principles of pharmaceutical calculations, including units of measure, conversion between units. Learners will then advance to more complex topics such as concentration and dilution, isotonicity, osmolarity, and IV flow rates. Additionally, the course will cover dosage calculations, half-life and some epidemiology concepts such as prevalence and number need to treat.

Throughout the course, learners will be exposed to real-world scenarios that require the application of pharmaceutical calculations. They will learn how to perform calculations accurately and how to apply the results to their work in the pharmaceutical industry. The course will also provide pharmacists a guide to pass pharmacy calculation license exams GPhC, KAPS, PEBC, and NAPLEX.

By the end of the course, learners will have developed the necessary skills to perform pharmaceutical calculations accurately and confidently. They will be able to apply these skills to their practice, whether they are working in a retail pharmacy or a hospital setting. This course will provide learners with a solid foundation in pharmaceutical calculations, enabling them to excel in their careers and provide excellent patient care.

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