Human Medical Physiology – A free course

Human Medical Physiology – A free course, An Easy Guide to Learning the Physiology of the Human Body – A free course

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What is Physiology?

Physiology means the study of the normal functions of the living healthy tissues.

Disease = Deviation from the normal.

Medicine: It is the art and skills of preventing diseases. It is the science that deals with all aspects of diseases including causes, effects on body organs, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Medical physiology: It is the study of:

– Normal functions of organs and systems in the body.

– Derangement of functions.

– Mechanism of action and regulation of vital activities in normal and abnormal states.

– The mechanism of production of disease

– The bases of treatment of functional derangement.

Applied physiology: It is the physiology applied to a certain specialty of medicine e.g. sport medicine cardiology, ophthalmology, ect.

The characteristics of living things are:

1) Growth: Organism gets bigger:

2)Reproduction: To ensure the continuation of species.

3) Excitability: the ability of an organism to respond to a stimulus,

4) Movement:the ability to change position.

5) Absorption and Excretion:

6) Metabolism:All the chemical reactions:

a) (anabolism): A constructive process.                              b) (catabolism): Adestructive process

7) Respiration: The intake of oxygen into the cell and the release of carbon dioxide from the cell

Basis of the cell physiology

Structure of the cell

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