Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Incompatible Combinations

Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Incompatible Combinations, A course with EVERYTHING there is to know about the Ayurvedic Incompatible Combinations.

Course Description

You may have heard about the Incompatible combinations in Ayurveda. With the rise of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, more and more people are becoming aware of it. Most people can feel that there are certain food combinations that do not go well with them.

However, few people know that there are more than 18 different types of incompatible combinations in Ayurveda. Besides, this concept is not applicable only to food combinations. The time, place and manner of food consumption, what you eat or do after eating something also can be incompatible to the digestion process.

Even the food you dislike for some reason may produce undesirable effects in your body!

This course covers EVERYTHING there is to know about incompatible combinations – right from the incompatible food combinations to the wrong combination of food to time, place, dosha and many more factors.

It is CRUCIAL to know about these incompatible combinations because according to Ayurveda, frequent consumption of incompatible combinations can lead to skin disorders and autoimmune problems. If you are suffering from any such problem, this information can be life-saving for you.

This course is a complete collection of incompatible combinations stated by all the ancient masters of Ayurveda. Some of the incompatible combinations may appear to be similar, but they have minute differences.

I hope that this course brings you great health and peace of mind.

Vaidya Kanika


the Course information is for educational and informational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. It also specifies that use of the site content does not establish any patient-client relationships.

Please consult your physician before using any information in this course

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