Get started with crypto

Get started with crypto, A Guide for new crypto customers.

Crypto can be complicated, and the crypto industry does little to demystify or uncomplicate it. That perceived complexity is the biggest obstacle for people getting involved. But it doesn’t have to be like that. That’s where Dacxi LEARN’s course ‘Get started with crypto’ comes in. We are the world leaders in providing crypto education without the unnecessary jargon and confusing terminology. ‘Get started with crypto’ cuts through all that to give you the all the information you need and none of the extraneous details you don’t. Once things are simplified, the basic concepts behind crypto are actually very simple and easy to grasp.

This course gives you the information you need to start your Crypto Wealth journey explained in everyday language. Dacxi LEARN’s ‘Get Started’ course is designed to provide you with the fundamental entry level crypto knowledge and insights, without the complexity and information overload that stops many people discovering this exciting new wealth generating opportunity. You will learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchains, the different types of crypto buyers and how to identify which one you align with, how to use the Dacxi Wealth Platform to manage your investments simply and easily, how to keep your crypto investments safe and secure, and much more.

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