ReactJs Global Search and Filtering with API

ReactJs Global Search and Filtering with API, React spinners, loaders, country API.

Course Description

Gives students and advanced learners a good grip on React global filters and search. It gives a full project insight  with API. The systematic explanation provides step by step approach to build the full project.

By a systematic explanation, I lead the student through the course so that they can grasp the knowledge and the technology to address react spinners, global search, query.

It provides two structure of filters, a select option filter and a search box filter.

The unique way of approach to quickly explain things with less focus on css topics and more focus on the logic, will keep the student stay focused on what is being explained.

This is based on my experience in YouTube channel on the comments of viewers. I plan to bring more useful videos that could reduce learning curves and makes continuous study more efficient.

The presentation is very structured that outlines what will be the final finished web page and uses real API to get data for display.

The loader and spinner is explained as a bonus topic at the last in more details. The overall logic is explained in a broken to sub module type fashion, so that the student gets a good idea on what is happening. Very less typing is used here.

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