Pega Portal By Rakesh – Pega 23 Infinity- Pega Training Demo

Pega Portal By Rakesh – Pega 23 Infinity- Pega Training Demo, Pega Developer Training + Interview Preparation – System Architect (CSA) / Senior System Architect (CSSA).

Course Description

The motto of this course is to provide the best training to you. There are many online courses available and for that, you will need to spend around 100 to 300 US Dollars. At some places, the amount is even more. And Even after spending this much of amount, you will not get the proper training. Unlike the online courses, this course is not only affordable, but it will provide you all the knowledge which is required for a Senior Pega Developer. And as, it is on Udemy, you can watch and complete this course at your convenience.

In this course, we will go through all the topics of the Pega right from the beginning like Downloading the Pega software, first-time login, application creation, and till creating the package and deploying it. This course will also include advanced topics like Integration and Background Processing as well. The course content has been designed with the topics from CSA and CSSA courses.

This course is totally practical-based. The intention is to provide the complete practical knowledge so that anyone can immediately start working on any Pega Development project after completing this course.

Not only this, it will help you to clear your concepts which will help you to clear the CSA and CSSA certifications.

I have designed and updated this course based on my experience and the feedback I have received so far.

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