Mastering Android Privacy & Security

Mastering Android Privacy & Security, Become an expert for wide-ranging privacy and security topics.

Course Description

Gain insightful knowledge about a wide spectrum of privacy and security topics in this course. In general, many topics are relevant across platforms and technologies such as cryptography and authentication & authorization standards. Specifically for Android, there is a deep dive into all the individual topics. This includes fundamental concepts, best practices, detailed walkthroughs, and plenty of demos taught by a Tech Lead of a Google Developer Agency. Stefan started developing Android apps – almost from Android’s birth – in 2011, and since then had to design and develop a handful of Android apps. The apps involved privacy and security aspects as well and therefore he wants to share his experience in this course.

Privacy and security topics are often overlooked when designing and developing mobile apps because the concepts are often unclear. However, it is important to develop apps with privacy and security in mind to improve UX, data safety, and finally user satisfaction. Depending on the app to be developed, there may be special requirements when it comes to privacy and security, too. Furthermore, when you apply for a job at any of the big FAANG companies, system design questions are likely to involve privacy and security aspects. So, knowing in detail about these topics will help you to stand out against other applicants.

More than 12 hours of on-demand video content will cover what you need to know to master privacy & security:

  • Learn about privacy & security concepts on Android by gaining lots of overall knowledge, knowing best practices, following detailed walkthroughs and demos
  • Be well prepared for system design interviews at any of the big FAANG companies when it comes to privacy & security-related topics
  • Know how to improve privacy by minimizing permission requests
  • Approaches to ensure user data privacy: Package visibility, data storage & device IDs
  • Apply data access auditing and other techniques to ensure transparency & control
  • Deep dive into security concepts Android is built upon: From kernel security to app security
  • How to use the Android Keystore system for secure storage of a device’s Trusted Execution Environment or Secure Element
  • Understand symmetric & asymmetric cryptography, and hashing: Concepts, algorithms walkthrough, demos, implementation on Android
  • Get insights into how to protect local data including EncryptedFile and EncryptedSharedPreferences, and secure SQL & NoSQL databases
  • Discussion of network security concepts: Public Key Infrastructure & TLS
  • Choosing the right approach to securely transmit network data on Android by using certificate pinning, certificate transparency, or the Android network security config
  • Overview of authentication & authorization standards like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, and how they can be applied on Android

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