Langchain For Developers: Using OpenAI LLMs in Python

Langchain For Developers: Using OpenAI LLMs in Python, Learn how to connect Langchain to OpenAI to work with LLMs in Python through practical examples.


This course is designed to empower developers, this comprehensive guide provides a practical approach to integrating Langchain with OpenAI and effectively using Large Language Models (LLMs) in Python.

In the course’s initial phase, you’ll gain a robust understanding of what Langchain is, its functionalities and components, and how it synergizes with data sources and LLMs. We’ll briefly dive into understanding LLMs, their architecture, training process, and various applications. We’ll set up your environment with a hands-on installation guide and a ‘Hello World’ example using Google Colab.

Subsequently, we’ll explore the Langchain Models, covering different types such as LLMs, Chat Models, and Embeddings. We’ll guide you through loading the OpenAI Chat Model, connecting Langchain to Huggingface Hub models, and leveraging OpenAI’s Text Embeddings.

The course advances to the essential aspect of Prompting & Parsing in Langchain, focusing on best practices, delimiters, structured formats, and effective use of examples and Context of Task (CoT).

The following sections focus on the concepts of Memory, Chaining, and Indexes in Langchain, enabling you to handle complex interactions with ease. We will study how you can adjust the memory of a chatbot, the significance of Chaining, and the utility of Document Loaders & Vector Stores.

Finally, you’ll delve into the practical implementation of Langchain Agents, with a demonstration of a simple agent and a walkthrough of building an Arxiv Summarizer Agent.

By the end of this course, you’ll have become proficient in using Langchain with OpenAI LLMs in Python, marking a significant leap in your developer journey. Ready to power up your LLM applications? Join us in this comprehensive course!

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