jQuery Course for Beginners

jQuery Course for Beginners, Learn jQuery programming with hands-on live running coding examples and exercises.

Course Description

Welcome to the jQuery Course by Studyopedia.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that came in the year 2006. It was created by John Resig to ease JavaScript Programming. After learning the concepts of jQuery, it will be easier for a developer to work with JavaScript. It is a “write less, do more” JavaScript library.


The jQuery tutorial is prepared for students, engineers, and professionals. Beginning with the introduction, you will learn how to work with jQuery. With that, step-by-step lessons are provided covering basic as well as advanced jQuery concepts, including the jQuery Selectors, Events, Traversing, Ajax, etc.


The following are the features of jQuery,

  • Selectors
    Use the jQuery selectors to select an HTML element and manipulate it.
  • Animation
    Animate a div or any other element with jQuery.
  • CSS Manipulation
    Manipulate an element and apply CSS style to it with jQuery.
  • jQuery Ajax
    JQuery has a rich set of AJAX methods for developing modern web applications.
  • Event Methods
    Call event methods event objects with jQuery.
  • jQuery Traversing
    jQuery provides DOM traversal methods to locate descendent elements, find sibling elements, etc.
  • Plugins
    jQuery has many plugins such as for creating split pages, create slideshow, progressbar, etc With that, you can also create your custom plugin.

**Course Lessons**

jQuery – Intro & Setup

1. Introduction & Features

2. Set jQuery Environment on VS Code

3. Syntax & Run first jQuery program

4. Selectors

jQuery – Effects

5. Slide Elements

6. Create Animations

jQuery – Traversing

7. What is Traversing

8. Find Ancestors of an element

9. Find Descendants of an element

jQuery – HTML DOM

10. Set Content

jQuery – CSS Manipulation

11. Add CSS Class

12. Get CSS Properties

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