Introduction to PySpark

Introduction to PySpark, Apache PySpark Programming Introduction.


Introduction to PySpark.

What is PySpark

PySpark Job Roles and Opportunities

PySpark Course Content

PySpark Developer vs PySpark Machine Learning Developer

Why Spark was developed.

What is PySpark and Spark Vs Hadoop.

Spark Main Components.

PySpark Deployment Modes

Introduction to PySpark Programming.

PySpark Installations on Windows Operating System

PySpark Programming Introduction

Different Ways of PySpark Programming with Examples

First PySpark Program using PySpark Shell

First PySpark Program using Interactive Mode

First PySpark Program using Script Mode

First PySpark Program using Jupyter Notebook

First PySpark Program using PyCharm IDE



  1. Python for Data Engineering
  2. SQL for Data Engineering (SQL with MySQL or SQL with Oracle or SQL with PostgreSQL or SQL with Any RDBMS)
  3. Linux Essentials or Linux Basics or Linux Foundation
  4. Any Cloud Computing (AWS or Azure or GCP) Fundamentals


PySpark Programming/PySpark Developer

  1. PySpark Foundation
  2. PySpark Core Programming – RDD Programming (Transformations & Actions)
  3. PySpark SQL – DataFrame & Tables, Datasets
  4. PySpark Streaming – Streaming + Live Analytics
  5. PySpark Cluster Setup on AWS Cloud (Java, Scala, Python, Jupyter Notebook, MySQL, Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark)
  6. PySpark Integrations

PySpark Integration with Apache Hadoop

PySpark Integration with Apache Hive

PySpark Integration with RDBMS (MySQL)

PySpark Integration with Apache Kafka

PySpark Integration with Apache Cassandra

PySpark Integration with Different Cloud Services


Who are Target Audience:

  1. Who wants to become Data Engineer (Apache Data Engineer or AWS Data Engineer or GCP Data Engineer or Azure Engineer)
  2. Who are Fresher/Experienced

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