Introduction to NoSQL Databases

Introduction to NoSQL Databases, Introduction to NoSQL Databases.

*** This training course was recorded during September 2022 ***

Database technology has evolved a lot from previous generation of DBMS to the new world of NoSQL.

In this course, I will introduce you to the world of NoSQL Databases.

We will discuss about history of NoSQL Databases – how they started and how they evolved.

We will discuss about Vertical Scaling vs. Horizontal Scaling and we will discuss about scaling challenges faced by our previous generations.

We will discuss about Five V’s of Big Data – Velocity, Volume, Variety, Veracity, Value.

We will discuss and try to understand the need for NoSQL Databases and what NoSQL Databases promise.

In NoSQL world, not all databases are created equally. So we will discuss about different types of NoSQL Databases.

NoSQL Landscape is too big – just need to wrap our head around it.

We will discuss about Document Databases or Document Stores.

We will discuss about Key-Value Stores.

We will discuss about Graph Databases.

We will discuss about Wide Column Stores or Row-Column Stores.

We will discuss about Time-Series Data or Time-Series Databases.

We cannot get everything we want. so we will try to understand what is CAP Theorem.

We will conclude the course with a good understanding of NoSQL Databases.

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