Introduction to MariaDB for Absolute Beginners

Introduction to MariaDB for Absolute Beginners, Learn Fundamentals of MariaDB Step-by-Step : Perform CRUD Operations.


MariaDB is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that stores data in tables with columns and rows.

MariaDB was originally created in 2009 as a fork of MySQL, after concerns arose about its acquisition by Oracle Corporation. MariaDB is led by the original developers of MySQL, and it has since become a fully community-driven open-source project that is governed by the MariaDB Foundation. The project has grown in popularity over the years, and it is now used by many large organizations, including Google, Wikipedia, and Red Hat.

One of the advantages of using MariaDB is its compatibility with MySQL. It supports many of the same SQL commands and syntax as MySQL, which means that existing applications and code written for MySQL can often be easily ported to MariaDB without major modifications. Additionally, MariaDB has continued to innovate and introduce new features that have been well-received by the developer community, such as support for NoSQL data storage and distributed SQL.

Overall, MariaDB is a powerful, flexible, and feature-rich database management system that is well-suited for a wide range of applications and use cases. Whether you’re a developer looking to build web applications or a business owner looking for a reliable and scalable database solution, MariaDB is definitely worth considering.

What you will learn includes:

  • Understanding database concepts
  • Performing CRUD Operations
  • Installing¬† and configuring MariaDB on a local machine or server.
  • creating a new database tables
  • Inserting and retrieving data
  • Understanding Data Types in MariaDB
  • Understand and use SQL commands, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  • Filter data using WHERE clauses and comparison operators.
  • Sort data using ORDER BY clauses.

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