Intro to HTML and CSS

Intro to HTML and CSS, Come code a long with us.

Course Description

In this course, you will learn the basics of HTML and CSS through a simple project. This is to introduce you to how the pages work with HTML and CSS. You will be able to customize your very own pages based on what you learn in this course. You will not become an HTML and CSS expert by any means however you will get some exposure to see whether or not you actually like to design and make those ideas come alive.

So you’ll actually be coding along with two different projects. The first project is more or less an about me page where you will be able to add an image of yourself and some information about yourself just to play around with the HTML and CSS. The next project that you will actually create is a soundboard. We provide you with the JavaScript file as well as the sound bits that will play when you click on buttons for example. Going through this project you will see how you can style items and make it your own.

I’m going through this course you should be able to identify classes, ideas, and element tags and know how to apply some general styling to those.

If you are at all interested in learning more in-depth about HTML and CSS then we would suggest you look at our other courses that are offered because we do go into more detail in those. Again this is to get you some exposure to HTML structure and a few CSS properties. The amount of time that you should allot for this course is three hours.

If you have any questions on anything that’s in this course please feel free to reach out as we will answer questions.

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