Django 5 – Build a Complete Website from Scratch to Deploy

Django 5 – Build a Complete Website from Scratch to Deploy, On 2024 Learn Django 5 by building Real World Project from Scratch to Deployment with a Bootstrap 5 Template.

Course Description

Hi! and Welcome to the new 2024 Project based Django-5 Course “Django 5 – Build a Complete Website from Scratch to Deploy“!

where you will learn all Django Fundamentals, Integrating Django with Frontend and Bootstrap Templates to build stylish websites, CRUD operations and much more!

The course is absolute beginner friendly you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of Django.

As we going to build Django Project from scratch, Going up the ladder step-by-step and covering line by line all the code and logic explained in detail.

From Scratch until Deployment of website on the internet, building a great looking Agency website with Blogging section and Admin site control, Webpage is mobile responsive using latest version of Bootstrap version 5.

The great about the course, it covers all sections required to get you from being beginner to the next level! with all the content using latest versions and course build on year 2024.

The basic knowledge of Python and html/css is all that is required to get started with this course.

Mentioning some of the ares will be covered from absolute first step:

  • VS Code Configuration
  • Django/Python version & Installation
  • Working with Virtual Env
  • Django & third party packages
  • Working with Static files locally and on deployment stage
  • Building Frontend from basic HTML to using advanced Bootstrap-5 Template
  • Using Django HTML Template to control the Frontend and display data
  • Using Django Admin Site and Customising it
  • Working with Django ORM (CRUD operations)
  • Django Migrations and Monitoring the changes on the Database
  • Build advanced Blogging section with Rich Text Editor
  • Using GMAIL service to send out emails
  • Deploying the website to the internet
  • Working with Git & Github

and much much more!

Additionally we are going to deploy our website on the internet in a step by step easy to follow appoarch!

So let’s begin the journey of becoming an expert in Django.

Sincerely, Azzam Makki

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