C# .NET Core 8 Masterclass with MS SQL Beginner to Pro 2024

C# .NET Core 8 Masterclass with MS SQL Beginner to Pro 2024, Learn C# Programming – Build apps using .Net Core 8, APIs, Entity Framework, Databases, Linq, Collections.

Course Description

NOTE:  This course is updated on a regular basis with new topics.

Complete C# Masterclass: Go from Zero To Coding Hero

Welcome to a transformative learning journey where you will master the intricacies of .NET 8 / Core, C# programming, and essential software development principles. Whether you’re a beginner eager to dive into the world of coding or an experienced developer looking to refine your skills, this course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics.

Why Enroll in This Course?

1. Build Real-World Projects: Gain hands-on experience by constructing two projects throughout the course. From setting up an .NET Core MVC project to integrating Entity Framework and implementing sessions, you’ll develop tangible skills applicable to professional scenarios.

2. Thorough Understanding of .NET Core: Learn the structure of .NET Core (.NET 8) projects, delve into Blazor,  Razor class libraries for Identity, and explore essential concepts like Bootstrap v5, authentication, and authorization.

3. Comprehensive C# Mastery: This course is not just about .NET Core; it’s a holistic exploration of C# programming. Understand C# fundamentals, object-oriented programming (OOP), and advanced techniques like threading. Create video games, handle errors effectively, and work with databases using MS SQL Server, Sqlite, and Linq.

4. Full-Stack Development with Blazor: Build beautiful GUIs and explore front-end development using Blazor and Razor. Understand how to design and develop APIs, ensuring a seamless integration between the front end and back end.

5. Dive into Design Patterns: Uncover the power of design patterns, including Strategy, Repository, Builder, Factory, and Unit of Work. Learn when and how to combine multiple patterns for optimal code structure.

6. Master Docker and Deployment: Familiarize yourself with Docker basics and discover how to deploy your website on Microsoft Azure. These skills are essential for modern development environments and showcase your ability to manage and scale applications.

7. Learn by Doing: More than 5 diverse projects will take you from creating an application from scratch to refactoring an existing one and adding new features. In addition having exercises you after every module. This practical approach ensures that you not only understand the theory but can apply it in real-world scenarios.

Course Outline:

1. Programming Fundamentals with C#: Master variables, methods, loops, conditions, and the basics of OOP.

2. .NET Core Deep Dive: Understand the structure of NET Core projects, integrate Identity Framework, and explore advanced concepts like custom tag helpers and view components.

3. Database and Docker Basics: Dive into databases, Docker, and database-related topics such as entities, DTOs, mapping, and Entity Framework.

4. Advanced C# Techniques: Explore threading, asynchronous development, and advanced C# concepts like Linq and Lambda expressions.

5. Design Patterns and Best Practices: Delve into SOLID principles, design patterns, and best practices for creating robust and maintainable code.

6. Git, Github, and Project Management: Learn the essentials of version control with Git, set up repositories, and manage projects effectively using Github.

7. Azure Deployments and Beyond: Understand Azure deployments and gain insights into further career development, including certification preparation and building a strong LinkedIn profile.

Embark on Your Coding Odyssey!

Enroll now and join a community of learners committed to mastering .NET Core and C# programming. Take the first step towards becoming a versatile and skilled developer. Don’t just learn to code; learn to create impactful and scalable solutions. Your coding journey starts here!

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